Chennai-Mumbai flight chaos: Family of 4, including kids aged 3 & 8, given disconnected seats on IndiGo

The chairs moved from the tenth row to the nineteenth, just to quell your curiosity. They were 10E, 11B, 18E, and 19B, to be precise.

Bhaskar Chakravorty
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Courtesy: X

IndiGo recently gave four seats, separated by a considerable distance, to a family taking a trip with their small children. It was discovered that children between the ages of three and eight were assigned seats apart from their parents, who were also not assigned to the same row.

This is what happened! 

Father Akshay Baheti used the social media site X to tell people about his March 31 flight from Chennai to Mumbai's incident. He received four separate boarding cards, each of which showed the location of four different passenger seats. That was all right, but what worried me was that the family did not have seats adjacent to each other.

IndiGo reacts 

After the post went viral and generated a lot of talk on X, IndiGo answered and clarified the situation.

"Mr Baheti, we never wish to separate a family flying together by assigning separate row seats. However, as checked, you completed your check-in at the airport, wherein the seats were assigned based on availability," the airline said while further recommending customers to pre-book their preferred seats online for a hassle-free travel.