Hakuna matata! Watch 6 lion cubs playfully chase after mother in South Africa: Video inside!

Six darling lion cubs appeared from the woods and were spotted running to keep up with their mother's pace in a touching show.

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Courtesy: You Tube/ Latest Sightings

In South Africa's Kruger National Park, six cute lion cubs gained attention when they were spotted sprinting to keep up with their mother's pace. The CEO and founder of Latest Sightings, Nadav Ossendryver, expressed gratitude for having been present for the incredible scene.
Later, on May 3, Latest Sightings posted the video on their YouTube channel. Nadav drove slowly in the morning, but something told him to stay in the park until midday. He had no idea that his choice would result in an amazing meeting with nature.

Jungle fury! 

With the help of an instinct and an earlier sighting warning from the Latest Sightings App, Nadav and his friends set out on the S114, one of the park's most popular routes. Their luck quickly changed, despite their initial displeasure at not seeing any wildlife.
Motherly love 

Their enthusiasm skyrocketed when they spotted a faraway lioness, but nothing compared to what happened next. Minutes later, the lioness stood up and started to cry out, giving Nadav no reason to doubt that her cubs were close by. Six gorgeous lion cubs braved a wonderful demonstration of jumping out of the bushes to answer their mother's call.
According to the description of the video, "Lionesses produce a low-pitched humming or groaning sound, frequently described as a 'contact call' to let their small ones know it is time to move." Nadav and his friends were taken aback when they unexpectedly saw lion cubs playing alongside their magnificent mother.

Lioness and her sweet kids win heart! 

The lioness delighted witnesses with her uncommon midday show as she bragged her kids around the wide road with pride. It appeared as though the lioness was "showing her pups off" as they played and zigzagged. "After a while, the lions relaxed next to the road, where a large number of onlookers were able to witness them. The description of the film stated that "We stayed with them for well over an hour till they eventually walked off, out into the jungle."

The video captured an enduring recollection of an incredibly amazing animal experience. The video has received over 4 lakh views and has impressed wildlife aficionados. Similar footage of six lion cubs reconnecting with their mother was captured by a guide in South Africa's MalaMala Game Reserve, and it was published by Latest Sightings last month. Another video of a lioness in South Africa teaching her four pups how to climb a tree went viral online.