How did this man lose 2.5 lakh? Clicks link to HR round interview

After losing his money, the individual turned to X to alert others about the scam. His post received numerous reactions, with many individuals sharing their own experiences that were similar to his.

Shantanu Poswal
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Courtesy: X

Naved Alam, a Pune resident, recently fell victim to a job scam that cost him $3,000, highlighting the risks associated with online job applications and connections through social media platforms.

Initial Hope and Progression to Discord

Alam initially connected with a user named @crankybugatti on X, who presented him with a promising job opportunity. The interaction moved to Discord, where Alam engaged in what seemed like legitimate discussions. Basic design questions were exchanged, and Alam's work received positive feedback, fostering his hopes of securing the job.

The Unfortunate Turn

However, the situation took a dark turn when Alam was asked to join an HR call using a provided link. Unbeknownst to him, the link led to malware disguised as an in-house communication app. Within moments, scammers drained Alam's @phantom wallet and liquidated his staked assets on @KaminoFinance, resulting in the loss of $3,000.

User Reactions and Community Support

Alam's tweet garnered responses from fellow X users, with many expressing sympathy and sharing their own encounters with similar scams. Some users highlighted the need for increased security measures, advising Alam to safeguard his remaining funds and be cautious in future online interactions.