Journey to past: Uncovering long-lost crypt, 2 men discover underground chamber underneath chapel; Watch viral video

They soon discovered the chapel's long-lost crypt, which was filled with coffins and alcoves, as seen in the video.

Bhaskar Chakravorty
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If you discovered that a residential building or another structure has a hidden entrance leading to ancient catacombs and crypts and you have been living beneath them without realizing it, how would you respond? Even simply thinking about it can give you chills, but two young men who underwent renovations on their converted church have experienced something similar, discovering an entirely new world beneath the surface.

Boys, take exploration to a new level!

In the past, during the winter, a chilly rush of air would frequently pass through a small hole on one of the floors. These young lads posted on social media that, at one point, their curiosity overcame them. In the end, they excavated the floor to find the source of the breeze beneath it. They were unprepared for the following development. They discovered a set of stairs that descended to a sort of subterranean grotto.

Based on a true story

They had been residing over a wonderfully concealed subterranean chamber all along. They eventually discovered the chapel's long-lost crypt, which was filled with coffins and alcoves, after further exploring the room and traveling far into the darkness with candles, as seen in the movie. Even though this discovery would have alarmed some people, they persisted in their daring mission and kept moving on until they got to a gap. The tunnel led to the dense forests that bordered the area, where untamed creatures were free to wander.

An enitre champer underground! 

The men made jokes about whether or not to turn the subterranean room into a wine cellar and what to do with it. Some viewers hilariously commented on the video, claiming to have found the vampires' final resting spot, while others asked them to fill it with beans. It should be emphasized that the video that is going viral makes no mention of the historic chapel's location, and TopIndianNews has not confirmed its veracity.