King forever! Pakistani fan's Virat Kohli pendant steals spotlight during IND vs PAK match; Watch viral video

Images of a Pakistani woman seen during IND vs. PAK sporting a pendant with Indian superstar Virat Kohli went viral.

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Recall the Pakistani cricket enthusiast who gained notoriety on the internet by selecting Virat Kohli ahead of Babar Azam in the 2023 Asia Cup? Her dreams were dashed when the much-awaited India vs. Pakistan match at Pallekele International Cricket Stadium in Kandy was called off due to severe rain. She had come expressly to watch Kohli get a century. 

She then unexpectedly reappeared during Sunday's T20 World Cup match between India and Pakistan.  This time, the die-hard admirer for Virat Kohli was seen wearing a pendant with his famous jersey number 18. Her photo went viral very fast, generating a lot of internet comments. "Wife material," a user exclaimed. Another said, "He is a global icon," and a third made the joke, "Cameraman, focus, Karo." 

Viral sensation 

She goes by the moniker "Love Khaani" on Instagram and has an incredible 5.1 million TikTok followers in addition to her impressive 2.2 million Instagram followers. She makes quick films to advertise the merchandise and special offers at the mall where she works in Abu Dhabi. She goes by Fiza Khan in real life, and in addition to becoming popular on TikTok, she is a fashion model, blogger, and well-known figure on social media. 

Support forever

She has repeatedly expressed her undying love for King Kohli. She was seen declaring in a video during the Asia Cup 2023, "I support both Pakistan and India, both together," and gesturing to her painted cheeks to indicate her dual support. But when given the option, she did not think twice about selecting former Indian captain Virat Kohli over Pakistan's skipper Babar Azam. With passion, she exclaimed, "Virat Kohli... My favorite player, Virat Kohli, is the reason I came here to witness him. He should have scored a century, but I am devastated. She grinned in response to an attempt to divert her attention by saying that she was supporting Kohli and not necessarily India, saying, "Chacha, padosiyon se pyaar karna buri baat toh nahi hoti."