Man vs Wild got real! Man engages in tense battle with 14-foot python; Watch viral video

The man can be seen in the video holding the python's jaws shut to prevent it from attacking him.

Bhaskar Chakravorty
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Courtesy: Instagram

Among the most terrifying creatures are snakes. Therefore, an innate fear of snakes exists in most humans. Meanwhile, people have been interacting with these reptiles in viral videos that have gone viral on social media. On the other hand, a video of a man grappling a large python went viral recently.

Ratteling down lane! 

A 12-to 14-foot-long python is shown being controlled by a person in the footage. In order to prevent the python from attacking him, he is shown gripping its jaws. The python is repeatedly attempting to subdue its hunter by grabbing hold of him with all of its strength. But the man is seen defeating the python at the end of the video. The Instagram page therealtarzann posted the video. 

Viral sensation 

The video quickly became very popular. One viewer said, "Very strong dude," in the comment area, while others offered their opinions. "Imagine how much stress that snake is going through," remarked a second person.

Man vs Snake

A comparable video was posted on the same Instagram page a few days earlier. A man can be seen handling a large python with assurance. The snake, who at first appears to be in a placid state of affairs, suddenly attacks, biting the man in the face. The snake is firmly gripping the man's face as a result of the unexpected turn of events. At that point, the man finally succeeds in gripping the snake's jaws and removing it from his face.

A wide range of viewpoints were posted in the comments section by shocked viewers. "The snake kissed him back," one user joked, while another said, "Like, why can not you trust snakes?" The popularity of the Instagram account can be attributed to the various videos it posts on the platform, which include animals acting in peculiar ways.