Mayanagri for a reason! Internet goes wild over old picture of Mumbai local train in 1970s

The image shared on X platform showcases a large crowd of commuters traveling in a local train. Passengers are visible leaning out of the doors, taking risks as they commute.

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Courtesy: X/@IndiaHistorypic

The recent internet sensation sparked by an old photo depicting Mumbaikars travelling on a Mumbai local train has ignited a meme fest online. Believed to be captured in the 1970s, the image showcases commuters crammed inside a crowded local train of the Western Railways. The rush and congestion in the photo have prompted netizens to draw comparisons, humorously remarking that 'nothing has changed' over the decades.

The viral photo, initially shared by indianhistorypics on X platform, portrays a significant number of passengers packed inside the train, with some even leaning out of the doors, highlighting the challenges of local train travel during that era. The caption accompanying the photo post reads, "1970s :: Commuting In Local Train, Bombay," adding a nostalgic touch to the historical snapshot.

Following the photo's viral spread, social media users flooded the platforms with a plethora of hilarious reactions, all echoing a common sentiment: 'Nothing has changed.' These reactions captured the essence of the timeless struggle faced by commuters in Mumbai's local train system, resonating with the experiences of both past and present generations.

Here are some of the amusing reactions