Mother puts kid in freezer! Reason will shock you | WATCH

The risks of becoming so absorbed in your phone that you lose awareness of your surroundings were highlighted in the film.

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Courtesy: X

Without a doubt, smartphone addiction is growing in concern on a global scale. An increasing number of people are becoming more and more absorbed in their phones and less engaged with the outside world. A video of a mother talking on the phone while her kid plays nearby has recently gone viral. Eventually, the woman chops veggies while on the phone, but instead of placing the veggies in the refrigerator, she picks up the kid and places it inside before closing the refrigerator. She then goes about her day as usual.

When her husband visits the house later, he discovers the baby is missing. When the guy seems to hear the sounds coming from the refrigerator, both parents start searching frantically for their missing child. Before anything bad occurs, he opens the refrigerator and saves the youngster. A time-lapse film that appears to have been captured by a CCTV camera displays everything.

It was shared on X (Formerly Twitter) with a simple caption, “Horrible Addiction.” So far, this video has over 3.9 lakh views. Commenting on it, an X user wrote, “Please take care of your kids over smartphones.” Another wrote, “The things you own end up owning you.” 

Digital Age Challenges: Balancing Technology and Parenting

The viral video serves as a poignant reminder of the challenges parents face in the digital age, where constant connectivity and multitasking often blur the lines between personal activities and parental duties. It underscores the significance of prioritizing uninterrupted attention and supervision when caring for children, especially in potentially hazardous environments like the kitchen.

Educational Opportunity: Learning from Mistakes

While the video may serve as a cautionary tale, it also presents an educational opportunity for parents and caregivers. It encourages reflection on common distractions, multitasking pitfalls, and the potential consequences of divided attention in childcare settings.