Motherly love! Mama Bear crosses road with twin cubs, Internet in awe; Watch viral video

Bear cubs stay at their mother's side for approximately 15 to 17 months when they turn five weeks old and begin to walk.

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Courtesy: Instagram

The internet has gone crazy over a video showing a mother bear walking her two cubs across the road. Shot in Asheville, North Carolina, USA, the video was produced. The image displays a mother bear watching her cubs approach her while examining the path from the sidelines. Two small cubs follow her example as she cautiously crosses the street and climbs over a wayside fence. Author Julie Sweeney recorded this video while parking her automobile. The way the people in the automobile are saying nice things about the black bears is what makes the film cute.

Instagram posts gather love!

"Honestly, this is how I feel about all of you—gently shepherding your kids across the perilous highways of life," Julie stated in her Instagram post after sharing this video. As retired homeschoolers, my friends and I are on your side! Proceed. We are cheering you on. Since it was uploaded on April 7, this video has received over 25 million news views.

An Instagram user made the following comment on it: "It is hard to decide who is the cutest here. Cozy bears or attractive ladies who are nice and caring! I am glad I found this video. Another wrote, "The bears are so cute but these ladies!!!!" with a similar emotion. Their support of these adorable people has me completely enamored. The best of humanity. One Instagram user posted, "Why am I feeling this way? I feel like I have been missing their support, love, and sound of their voice since I was a young child. Before hearing it, I had no idea that I needed it.

Black bears and bond

It is not unusual to see black bears in downtown Asheville, North Carolina. Usually, the cubs are born in the middle of January or the beginning of February. Five weeks after birth, bear cubs begin to walk, which is why you can see them with their mother in March and April. Cubs stay with their mother until they reach the age of 15 or 17 months. When black bears are around cubs, wildlife experts warn humans to keep their distance because the bears may become defensive if they feel that someone is posing a threat to the babies. Wild animals typically have the "first right of way," which allows them to cross the road first and requires other vehicles to stop.

If one comes across a bear cub, the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission advises against holding it. If someone suspects that the bear cub has been abandoned or orphaned, then they should contact the wildlife officials.