Sinister Experience! Man discovers strange voices coming from fan, unveils unexpected cause

The man heard voices coming from the fan just as he was going to turn it on. He said, "It sounded like a talk show.

Bhaskar Chakravorty
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Reddit and its numerous specialized communities are where people go when they want frank product reviews or opinions on any topic. A while back, there was a Reddit user discussing "eye-witness event(s) that cannot be explained with critical thinking" on the "Glitch in the Matrix" subreddit. The man claimed that he could hear his supporters conversing in a now-viral post. He stated at the beginning of his message that he was the only person in the house and that the block's electricity was off. Even though it was winter, he considered turning on the fans when the electricity came back on, but his flat still got quite warm.

My fan won't stop talking to me.
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Voices that creep out!

He heard voices coming from the fan as he was ready to turn it on. Though it seemed like people were speaking, these voices were not ominous. "It sounded like a talk show," he clarified. as though you could hear conversations. Did I mention that all of this is coming from my helpless fan? Even though I never hit the power button, the fan was still hooked in and occasionally produced music. When he turned off the fan entirely, he was still able to hear what sounded like "barely audible news." 

Viral at reddit

With more than 500 comments and over 7,000 upvotes, this question went viral. He received a variety of responses from people, such as that he is hearing his neighbor's TV or that he is hallucinating the sounds. The most logical and scientific argument, however, about the origin of the noises coming from the fans is that the fan may be picking up radio signals and converting them into sounds. It is known that metal can pick up radio frequencies. The radio sounds that are reflected from the metal objects are, however, usually relatively weak.

Scary yet ironic!

"Honestly, it is definitely picking up an AM radio signal," a Reddit member commented, indicating support for this notion. Many home items are capable of that. People used to be able to hear the radio in their pots and pans when signals were too loud. I have even played AM radio through a guitar amplifier by using myself as an antenna.
"I have had something called musical ear syndrome before," remarked a second commenter. With white noise, I could hear songs from anything. I was frightened because I could imagine a song and then hear it, crystal clear, from the source of the white noise. It was really unsettling, so I was relieved when it disappeared. The things our brains are capable of are astounding.