Thieves beware! 'Dono Tange kaat di jayenge': Shopkeeper's crazy warning sign board starts meme fest online

The warning that Desi Shop gives to those who are found stealing is not for the timid.

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If you believed that the standard alert stating that you are being watched by CCTV cameras was sufficient, you would be mistaken. A store went so far as to post a very clear warning: "Your legs will be chopped off if you are caught stealing." Hold on, are you serious? Yes, that is accurate. A photo of the board with this warning on it went viral on social media, startling and making people chuckle at the same time.

There is more to this tale, though. Along with the terrifying warning, the widely shared image featured a hilarious error that read, "You are under CCTV surveillance." I apologize! It appears that someone failed their English class. But that was not the major attraction. The translated threat that said, "Your legs will be chopped off if you are discovered stealing," was the actual deal-breaker. To further emphasize the point, there was even a picture of a bandaged foot, as if that was not strange enough. The internet went crazy over this, of course. One user made the pun, "On the spot justice." Someone else ridiculed the grammar, saying, "Interesting punishment! However, legs were selected? "Mummy papa dhamki pro version," said the third. Padhai ki to tange tod denge padhai nhi. The fourth even proposed a link between the leg-chopping threat and a hospital. Ouch!

Things people do these days!

Meanwhile, a "No Parking Board" in Bengaluru is more than just a standard warning sign; it is a work of artistic ingenuity infused with fun. Online, the message attracted a lot of attention, with many people finding it incredibly humorous. Laughable proverbs such as "You will face the anger of the ancients" were used to begin it. The laces on your shoes will not stay tied! Squirrels gone wild will break into your house. For the rest of your life, bad hair days! Your refrigerator's food will mysteriously go bad! All you will get are discarded gifts that are not very thoughtful! The list continued without end.