Thin! Woman refuses to marry groom in UP's Etah just day before marriage; Read on

A woman in Uttar Pradesh's Etah refused to marry groom by calling him 'Thin' just a day before marriage.

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Courtesy: Pinterest/Joty Sohi

A girl in Etah refused to marry the groom a day before marriage because he was thin. 

The marriage of the young man, resident of Mohalla Sarai Khanam, Jalesar Nagar, Etah, was scheduled to take place on March 13. But a day before the wedding, the girl rejected by calling him thin. This was talk of town for two days when the two sides reached the police station to the tehsil on Thursday.

Both sides of family returned all the money and ended the relationship. This relationship remained a topic of discussion in the city for three days. The case of the girl's refusal to marry a day earlier ended with the intervention of regional MLA Sanjeev Diwakar at around 4 pm on Thursday. 

What happended exactly?

The marriage of Karan, son of Dawoodyal, resident of Sarai Khanam, was fixed one and a half years ago with Anjali, daughter of Atar Singh, resident of Mirzapur village of Hathras. Two days ago, on March 11, the Lagan ritual was performed by the girl's side. On the evening of March 12, the bride's side refused to marry.

Families found solution

On Wednesday both side of families reached the MLA's residence where the talks remained inconclusive. After which both the parties clashed at the time of agreement in the tehsil.

On Thursday morning both the parties again reached the MLA's residence.  Both parties returned the items given to each other during pre-marriage rituals. Both the parties have not taken any legal action in this matter. After this the marriage relationship was completely ended. Kotwali in-charge RK Singh said that an agreement has been reached between both the parties. However, after all this, the matter is said to be in under control.