Unexpected downpour: Why fishes are falling in THIS Iranian town? | VIDEO

The footage, shared widely on social media, showcases the astonishment of onlookers as fish seemingly rain down around them.

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Courtesy: X/@MarioNawfal

We all have come across the saying 'It’s raining cats and dogs,' but in a surprising turn of events, fish falling from the sky have surfaced in Iran, sparking curiosity among locals and garnering attention on social media platforms. This peculiar incident is attributed to waterspouts, lifting marine life and depositing them inland during heavy rainfall.

Captured in Yasuj amidst heavy rain, a video depicts fish descending from the sky amidst passing cars. The footage, shared widely on social media, showcases the astonishment of onlookers as fish seemingly rain down around them. Speculations suggest a tornado could have scooped the fish from the sea, propelling them into the air before they descended.

Here's the video:

Netizens reactions

The video has garnered over 2.2 million views and sparked a myriad of reactions. Some users lightened the mood with humorous remarks, while others expressed wonder and disbelief. Amidst the speculation, one user humorously suggested a different kind of aerial delivery from afar.

As the video circulated, speculation swirled regarding the cause of this extraordinary event. While some attributed it to natural phenomena, others found amusement in the unexpected bounty. Regardless, the incident left many pondering the mysteries of nature.

Weather conditions in Iran

The unusual occurrence coincided with heavy rainfall across various regions of Iran, exacerbating flood-like conditions in 21 areas. The Meteorological Organization of Iran issued warnings of further precipitation, indicating a challenging weather situation in the affected regions, notably in East Azerbaijan's Shabestar county.

What causes fish to fall from the sky?

The phenomenon of fish raining down from the sky doesn't involve the actual condensation of fish from water vapor. Rather, the fish that descend from the sky were previously in the ocean.

So, how do they end up in the air? One plausible explanation is that powerful atmospheric disturbances, such as tornadoes, lift water and marine life into the air. When tornadoes form over bodies of water, they're referred to as waterspouts. These waterspouts draw in water along with any fish or creatures present in the water. Subsequently, the tornado carries these fish over a distance. As the tornado weakens, it loses its ability to sustain objects, leading to the fish falling back to the ground.