Vice City flashback: Bengaluru driver's roadside message Creates viral buzz

Peak Bengaluru: Only "Vice City" enthusiasts would comprehend the twist in the driver's "warning" to those following him.

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Do you recall the excitement of 'Vice City,' where we could let our inner daredevils run wild and ignore the repercussions by saying, "Leave me alone"? It was even thrilling to embrace our wicked selves, all inside a virtual play area. There is no denying the nostalgia for those late-night gaming sessions, and in an unexpected twist of events, a Bengaluru driver embraced that attitude by sending out a warning message that only fans of Grand Theft Auto Vice City would find truly amusing.

More on the reference! 

An image of a van speeding through Bengaluru's streets displayed the warning sign "Caution" on the back of the vehicle, which read, "I learned to drive from GTA Vice City." What other wake-up call is there, if that one? Imagine him speeding through traffic like he does in the game, where every daring move feels like an exhilarating journey. However, when he gets caught for something illegal and disruptive, he will not be able to get away with it by telling the police to "leave me alone."

However, the boldness of disseminating the safety warning in such a way captures a "Peak Bengaluru" moment that is both surprising and full of humor!

GTA fever is not over yet! 

In the meantime, the trailer for Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 6, which was released in December 2023, is proof of the amazing advancement in contemporary gaming visuals in the twenty-one years since GTA: Vice City. Although the newest installment—which is scheduled for release in 2025—is still more than a year away, the eagerly anticipated teaser offered the first mouthwatering look at the Miami-inspired city.

Vice City has never seemed more alive than it does in Grand Theft Auto 6. It is home to soaring skyscrapers, eerie marshes, and immaculate beaches. While it should come as no surprise that visuals have advanced significantly in the 21 years between the launches of Vice City and Grand Theft Auto 6, the new cityscape's degree of detail is absolutely astounding. The buildings have become more finely designed, and the once-flat water now has captivating waves in place of the pixelated facades. Grand Theft Auto 6 represents the height of visual game aesthetics, whether it is through its more realistic characters or its vibrant nightlife scenes.