Watch: Influencer brings security guard's Ayodhya Ram Mandir wish to life; Wins love all over

In a widely shared video, an Indian influencer gives the security guard at his community the moment of their dreams. This is what took place.

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Courtesy: Instagram

Being kind is something you have to earn. Anish Bhagat, an Indian Instagram influencer, is doing a wonderful job of demonstrating this. Bhagat made another poignant video, this time with his society's security guard, after making a heartwarming one with UP Class 10th topper Prachi Nigam, who was made fun of for having facial hair. After addressing him as "Byas Ji," Bhagat questioned why the 65-year-old was still employed. "I have only one son, and he has abandoned me," Byas Ji said in Hindi. In response, Bhagat had a lovely moment by asking Byas Ji to think of him as a son for the day. The guard, who had been apprehensive at first, revealed that he had always wanted to take his kid to the Ayodhya Ram Mandir. And that was it!

Influencer fulfils a divine wish 

That very night, Bhagat stunned Byas Ji by booking the tickets. Then Bhagat called out to him, "We are almost late for Ayodhya," hastily summoning him. Byas Ji could not believe what he was seeing and was thrilled! Byas Ji went through everything with Bhagat by his side, from Pune to Lucknow to explain to him why his son left him. The pinnacle occurred when Byas Ji's wish was fulfilled and he went to the recently constructed Ram Mandir to offer prayers. He gave Bhagat a deep hug and expressed his gratitude, tears in his eyes.

Bhagat posted the heartwarming video to Instagram along with the statement, "On a serious note, I do not understand how children actually forsake their ageing parents." Taking care of them is genuinely their duty above all else. Byas Ji continues to labour in the hopes that his son will return. I am glad we accomplished this together, though. I learned a great deal about him and even about Lord Rama. He is greatly devoted to him. I now know the significance of Ram Mandir to the majority of our nation. Jai Shree Ram.

The video touched many people's hearts and became viral very quickly. One user said, "I have just one heart, why are you winning it over and over again?" This is such a touching video! It is incredible how well it conveys the most sincere feelings and events. It made me laugh and cry at the same time. I appreciate you sharing this priceless and heartfelt moment with me. you have penned an additional.