Watch video: 75 chefs in Bengaluru prepare 123 ft longest dosa; Make Guinness World Records

Chef Regi Mathew recently shared a video on social media of an enormous dosa that MTR Foods produced for their 100th anniversary. Keep reading to find the video below.

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Courtesy: Instagram/chefregimathew

In Bengaluru, MTR Foods produced a dosa that measured 123.03 feet, claiming to have broken the world record. To commemorate their 100th year, the firm took this action. Social media users have been astounded by a video that has been making the rounds of these sites, exhibiting this enormous dosa.

A video of Chef Regi Mathew preparing this dosa was posted. When the film first starts, viewers can see several chefs gathering around a large stove getting ready to attempt this culinary miracle. The 123-foot dosa can be seen cooking on the pan as the video continues. 

Longest dosa creation

Folding the dosa over in the cooking process without breaking it, must have been a real task! One of the most remarkable aspects of the creation of the dosa is the long cooking stove that was created for this purpose. 

Watch video of recording breaking dosa:

The video has gained over 27,200 views since it was posted two days ago. In addition, the post has received a lot of comments and over 1,000 likes. The video has been shared 147 times.  

Guinness World Records

In the video, Chef Mathew is also seen receiving a certificate from Guinness World Records.  Chef Mathew said he is excited to announce a historic milestone at MTR in the post's caption. Celebrating the 100th anniversary with pride by holding the Guinness World Record for the longest dosa, measuring an amazing 123.03 feet! He said that on March 15, 2024, at MTR Factory in Bengaluru, the historic accomplishment occurred.