Watch video: Baby Anacondas steals show displaying attitude as Zookeeper explains their playful nature!

In the footage, when zookeeper Jay Brewer tenderly touches the newborn anacondas, they can be seen trying to bite him.

Bhaskar Chakravorty
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zookeeper Jay Brewer in this viral video showcases a box full of newborn anacondas, which is shown in an intriguing and slightly scary way. The baby snakes were spotted lunging full force at Brewer's hands, despite their small size. 

Decoding the video 

In the video, Brewer is shown gently handling the newborn anacondas, who are trying to bite him. Despite the frightening appearance of their strikes, it is vital to remember that, because of their size, their bites do not typically inflict much pain. As the caption explains, "These babies are just trying to protect themselves."

Cutely snarly!

In spite of their cute appearance, baby anacondas have difficult lives in the wild. Brewer claims that they have to continuously protect themselves from different predators who are trying to prey on them. Their early battle for existence shapes their hostile demeanor toward any imagined enemies.
More on the species

These babies are full of grumpiness and have no qualms about hitting anyone or anything. These males are always alone in the wild, where they are chased by nearly everything. They bit me a couple of times, but fortunately, the bites did not hurt too bad. I can not blame these newborns for attempting to defend themselves; after all, they will grow up to be big and strong eventually.

Rapid rattlers! 

Even though these young anacondas seem cranky and prepared to attack, they are only displaying basic reflexes that help them survive in the environment. Their protective behavior serves as a warning that they have the capacity to develop into one of the most dangerous predators in the natural world.