Basant Panchami 2024: When to celebrate Saraswati Puja - February 14 or 15?

The day is dedicated to Goddess Saraswati, the deity of knowledge, wisdom, arts, music and language.

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Basant Panchami which is also known as Saraswati Puja is a Hindu festival which marks the arrival of the spring season. This festival generally falls in January or February, every year. The festival is celebrated on fifth day of Magha Maas, as per Hindu Panchang. According to scriptures, the day is dedicated to Goddess Saraswati, the deity of knowledge, wisdom, arts, music and language. People worship Goddess on this day, to attain wisdom and enlightenment in life.

The festival in Southern part of India is known as Ayudha Puja.

Date and Time of Saraswati Puja

Basant Panchami or Saraswati Puja will be observed on Wednesday, February 14, 2024. According to Drik Panchang, the Panchami Tithi will commence at 02:41 PM on February 13 and conclude at 12:09 PM on February 14 and it is believed that one should observe the festival on Udaya Tithi.

According to the Hindu calendar, Basant Panchami is observed on the fifth day, or Panchami Tithi, of the Magha month on the Shukla Paksha. The fifth day of the bright lunar cycle is Basant Panchami. The festival gets its name from 'Basant,' which indicates spring, and 'Panchami,' which is the fifth day of the Magha Maas.

It is believed that puja becomes more powerful if worshippers chant Saraswati Stotra along with other rituals.

Significance of Saraswati puja on Basant Panchami

It is utterly unrealistic to imagine this world without music and knowledge. Goddess Saraswati has bestowed upon us all of this. She is therefore revered by all gods and demons in addition to humanity. It is considered to be of great significance to worship Goddess Saraswati during the bright fortnight of the month of Magha (the fifth day). Therefore, Saraswati Puja is performed to start the day of Basant Panchami.

Method of Saraswati Puja

The Saraswati Puja is performed by enshrining a stoup (Kalash). The rituals start with worshipping Lord Ganesha. Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu are worshipped afterwards. People adore Goddess Saraswati after they have worshipped them. She is dressed in white after taking a bath. Before beginning Saraswati Puja, she is offered garlands and vermillion. Seasonal flowers are offered and fruits along with delicacies are served as Prasad during Saraswati Puja.

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