December 2023 planets transit: Check out the date & time of movement

Astrologers predict that within the month of December, Mercury will retrograde first, followed by changes to the signs of the Sun, Mars, Venus, and Mercury.

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December 2023, the last month of the year, will soon begin. Astrology states that five planets will change their position in different zodiac signs will change in December. December may turn out to be a very significant month based on the positions of the planets and constellations. Every zodiac sign's inhabitants will experience either favourable or unfavourable outcomes in their lives depending on the position of these planets. 

Astrologers predict that within the month of December, Mercury will retrograde first, followed by changes to the signs of the Sun, Mars, Venus, and Mercury. In addition, Jupiter will be direct while it is in its own sign, Aries.

Effect of planetary transit

Additionally, new innovations in the field of disease therapy will emerge. Technologies and new medications will be created. The Sun, Venus, Mars, and Mercury zodiac sign changes will accelerate business. The number of illnesses will decline. There will be more job opportunities. There will be a rise in income. Natural disasters including fires, earthquakes, gas leaks, and plane crashes are possible.

Let us know which planets will transit in December, which zodiac signs will benefit from the change in the zodiac signs of the planets:

Mercury will go retrograde on December 13

In December, the first planet Mercury, the god of intelligence and knowledge, will go retrograde. Mercury, being situated in Sagittarius, will become retrograde on December 13. As per celestial changes, Mercury will remain in retrograde state till December 28. Due to the retrograde motion of Mercury, people of these three zodiac signs – Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius can get the most benefit.

Sun Transit in Sagittarius on December 16, 2023, Saturday at 04:09 PM

According to Vedic astrology, the Sun changes his zodiac sign every month. In such manner, the Sun will change its zodiac sign on December 16. Sun will enter Sagittarius on December 16 where it will remain till January 15, 2024. After January 15, it will enter in Capricorn. People of Aries, Sagittarius and Pisces can get special benefits from the transit of Sun in Sagittarius.

Transit of Venus in Scorpio on December 25, 2023, Monday at 06:55 AM

According to astrologers, on December 25, 2023, Venus, the planet responsible for wealth, happiness, splendour and luxury, will change its zodiac sign. Venus will enter Scorpio on December 25, 2023. People of Cancer, Leo, Capricorn and Aquarius can get special benefits from the transit of Venus in Scorpio.

Not only this, after movement of Mercury, Sun and Venus, Mars will leave Scorpio and transit Sagittarius on December 27, which will further form the powerful Aditya Mangal Yoga with the Sun, which is expected to bring prosperity and growth for the zodiacs. 
Then on the very next day, Mercury, in retrograde motion, will re-enter Scorpio and the month will conclude with Jupiter turning retrograde on the last day of the year.

Transit of Mars on December 27, 2023, Wednesday at 11:06 AM

Mars, the prince and commander of the planets, will transit into Sagittarius on December 27, 2023. When Mars transits into Sagittarius, there are chances of achieving good success for people of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Sagittarius zodiac signs.
Transit of Mercury on December 28, 2023, Thursday at 10:39 AM

Mercury will enter Scorpio on December 28, 2023. After this, it will be direct on January 2 and will again enter Sagittarius on January 7. People of Taurus and Sagittarius can get good benefits when Mercury enters Scorpio in the month of December.

Jupiter Progressive on December 31, 2023, Sunday at 08:09 AM

At the end of the year 2023, Jupiter, the guru of the gods, will start moving directly in its own sign, Aries. When Jupiter is direct, people of Aries, Taurus, Gemini and Leo zodiac signs will suddenly get financial gains and all kinds of material comforts.

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