Kartik Purnima 2023: Know its significance, date & time

Kartik Purnima, according to Udayatithi will be observed on November 27.

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Kartik Purnima will be observed on November 27, this year. In Hindu religion, Kartik Purnima holds special significance. Dev Deepawali is also observed on Kartik purnima. Tripuri Purnima is another name for this day, which is believed to be the day that Lord Shiva defeated the demon Tripurasura. 

To mark the birth anniversary of first guru of Sikhs, Guru Nanak, Guru Purab is celebrated on this day.

Kartik Purnima holds a special importance for bathing, giving to charity, and lightening of lamps. On this day, devotees who worship Chandradev along with Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi find their financial and mental stability. Taking a bath in the Ganga or any other sacred river or body of water on this day is highly beneficial. Dev Deepawali is also observed on this day. 

Kartik Purnima 2023 Date & Time

According to Hindu Panchang Kartik Purnima Tithi starts on November 26, at 03:52 PM. The Tithi will end 2:45 PM on November 27. Devotees also observe fast on Kartik Purnima and it is believed that one should observe the fast on Udayatithi. It is auspicious to worship Lord Satyanarayan, fast under the full moon, bathe in the river Ganga, and give to charity on this auspicious day.

Importance Kartik Purnima

In Hindu religion, the month of Kartik is considered sacred. According to scriptures, after undergoing Yoga Nidra for four months, Lord Vishnu awakens in this month. In addition to this, Tulsi Vivaah is also performed in Kartik Maas.

On the day of Kartik Purnima, take a bath in the morning and offer milk to the Peepal tree with sugar to strengthen your financial situation. It is believed that if you do this, Goddess Lakshmi will bless you and your fortune will rise.