Want boost in your career, try these Lal Kitab remedies for balancing planets

Combining these remedies with practical steps like skill enhancement, networking, and seeking professional guidance can lead to overall improvement in your career.

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Lal Kitab offers specific astrological remedies to overcome obstacles in one's career by balancing the planetary influences. Here are some key remedies suggested by Lal Kitab to enhance career prospects and mitigate continuous defeats:

Remedies Based on Specific Planets

1. Sun (Surya)

Offer Water to the Sun: Offer water to the rising sun daily from a copper vessel mixed with a pinch of red vermilion.
Wear Ruby: Wear a ruby gemstone in gold on your ring finger.Respect Authority Figures: Show respect and maintain good relationships with your father or fatherly figures.

2. Moon (Chandra)

Silver Items: Keep a silver glass for drinking water.
Milk Donations: Donate milk or white sweets to the needy on Mondays.
Chant Moon Mantras: Recite "Om Som Somaya Namah" 108 times daily.

3. Mars (Mangal)

Wear Coral: Wear a coral gemstone in gold on your ring finger.
Donate Red Lentils: Donate red lentils, red clothes, or copper items on Tuesdays.
Recite Hanuman Chalisa: Regularly chant the Hanuman Chalisa.

4. Mercury (Budh)

Wear Emerald: Wear an emerald gemstone in gold on your little finger.
Donate Green Items: Donate green clothes or bangles, and distribute green vegetables on Wednesdays.
Keep Green Plants: Keep green plants in your home and office.

5. Jupiter (Guru)

Wear Yellow Sapphire: Wear a yellow sapphire gemstone in gold on your index finger.
Donate Yellow Items: Donate yellow clothes, turmeric, or chana dal on Thursdays.
Chant Jupiter Mantras: Recite "Om Guru Gurave Namah" 108 times daily.

6. Venus (Shukra)

Wear Diamond or White Sapphire: Wear these gemstones in silver on your middle finger.
Donate White Items: Donate white clothes or sweets on Fridays.
Keep Cleanliness: Maintain cleanliness in your surroundings.

7. Saturn (Shani)

Feed Crows: Regularly feed crows, especially on Saturdays.
Donate Black Items: Donate black clothes, sesame seeds, or mustard oil on Saturdays.
Light a Mustard Oil Lamp: Light a mustard oil lamp under a Peepal tree or in a temple.

8. Rahu

Keep Silver Square: Keep a small silver square in your pocket.
Donate Black Lentils: Donate black lentils or blue clothes on Saturdays.
Chant Rahu Mantra: Recite "Om Rahave Namah" 108 times daily.

9. Ketu

Keep Saffron or Turmeric: Carry a small piece of saffron or turmeric with you.
Donate Multicolored Cloth: Donate multicolored clothes or blankets to the needy.
Chant Ketu Mantra: Recite "Om Ketave Namah" 108 times daily.

General Remedies for Career Success

  • Worship Lord Ganesha: Begin any new work or career venture by worshiping Lord Ganesha to remove obstacles.
  • Charity and Donations: Regularly donate to charity to receive blessings and reduce karmic burdens.
  • Daily Prayers: Engage in daily prayers or meditation to create a positive mindset and attract good opportunities.
  • Maintain Clean Environment: Ensure cleanliness and orderliness in your living and working spaces.
  • Keep a Fast: Observe fasts on specific days related to the planet ruling your career house.


These remedies from Lal Kitab are believed to help balance the planetary influences affecting your career. While they are based on traditional beliefs and may not have scientific validation, many find solace and positive changes through their practice. Combining these remedies with practical steps like skill enhancement, networking, and seeking professional guidance can lead to overall improvement in your career.

(Disclaimer: This information has been collected from various mediums like astrologers, almanacs, beliefs or religious scriptures and has been presented to you. Please consult experts while making related decisions. TopIndianNews does not hold accountability for this information.)