'Nobody knew him': PM Modi's remark on Mahatma Gandhi sparks controversy ahead of final election phase

Lok Sabha Elections: PM Modi's comment about Mahatma Gandhi has sparked significant backlash, particularly from the Congress party.

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Lok Sabha Elections: As the seventh and final phase of the Lok Sabha elections approaches on 1st June, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has once again found himself at the centre of a heated debate. In a recent interview with a private channel, PM Modi made a statement about Mahatma Gandhi that has garnered widespread attention and criticism. The Congress party has seized upon this comment to target the Prime Minister.

PM Modi's Controversial Comment on Mahatma Gandhi

In the interview, PM Modi remarked, "Mahatma Gandhi was a very great soul. Was it not our responsibility in these 75 years to ensure that the whole world knows about Mahatma Gandhi? Nobody knew Mahatma Gandhi. But for the first time when the film Mahatma Gandhi was made, people became curious about him."

Congress Responds

Rahul Gandhi, a prominent leader of the Congress party, quickly responded to PM Modi's statement. He tweeted, "Only a student of Entire Political Science would need to watch the film to know about Mahatma Gandhi." This was a clear dig at PM Modi, referencing Modi's past academic controversies.

Mallikarjun Kharge, the Congress National President, also criticised PM Modi's comment. He posted on Instagram, "Those whose ideological ancestors were involved in the murder of Mahatma Gandhi along with Nathuram Godse can never follow the path of truth given by Bapu."

Rahul Gandhi's Video Message

In addition to his tweet, Rahul Gandhi shared a video in which he spoke about Mahatma Gandhi's enduring legacy. He said, "Mahatma Gandhi is the sun that gave the whole world the strength to fight against darkness. In the form of truth and non-violence, Bapu showed the world a path that gives courage to even the weakest person to stand against injustice. He does not need any 'branch-educated' certificate."

Analysis and Implications

PM Modi's comment about Mahatma Gandhi has sparked significant backlash, particularly from the Congress party. This controversy comes at a crucial time as the final phase of the Lok Sabha elections nears. The opposition is using this opportunity to question the Prime Minister's understanding of Indian history and his ideological leanings.

The Congress party's strong reactions highlight their strategy to undermine PM Modi's image and appeal to the electorate by emphasising his perceived ignorance of India's revered leaders. The reference to Gandhi's legacy of truth and non-violence is intended to contrast sharply with the current political climate and Modi's leadership style.

As the final votes are cast in the Lok Sabha elections, PM Modi's recent remarks have added fuel to the political fire. The Congress party's swift and pointed responses aim to capitalise on the controversy, potentially influencing voter sentiment. The outcome of this phase could be pivotal, with both sides keenly aware of the high stakes involved.