Meet Sunaina Kinnar, only transgender candidate in LS polls; Did she win?

The election results revealed that Sunaina Kinnar, who ran as an independent candidate, garnered 3,462 votes.

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Courtesy: ANI

New Delhi: In a surprising turn of events, Sunaina Kinnar, the only transgender candidate contesting from Jharkhand's Dhanbad Lok Sabha seat, received fewer votes than the 'None of the Above' (NOTA) option. Despite this, Sunaina remains unfazed and optimistic about her political journey.

Sunaina’s perspective on election results

The election results revealed that Sunaina Kinnar, who ran as an independent candidate, garnered 3,462 votes, while NOTA was chosen by 7,354 voters. Sunaina faced tough competition from candidates representing both national and regional parties.

Speaking about the results, Sunaina stated, "I am not worried about the votes I have received. I am happy with the way people accepted me as a candidate from the Dhanbad seat and gave me love and support." She emphasized her commitment to continuing her mission of serving the poor and needy, and addressing critical issues such as unemployment, inflation, and the water crisis.

Less votes then NOTA

A total of 25 candidates contested for the Dhanbad seat, including Sunaina and 18 other independent candidates who also received fewer votes than NOTA. The seat was ultimately won by Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) candidate Dulu Mahato, who defeated Congress's Anupama Singh by over three lakh votes.

Sunaina’s campaign

Sunaina's campaign was marked by her strong resolve and unique perspective. She famously remarked, "Even an ant can defeat an elephant," when filing her nomination. She conducted roadshows and actively engaged with the electorate, promising to address Dhanbad’s issues if elected.

Despite the election outcome, Sunaina remains dedicated to her cause. "I will continue to work for my mission of serving the poor and needy and will raise major issues like unemployment, inflation, and water crisis," she reiterated.

A diverse pool of candidate

This election saw candidates from all three genders vying for the Dhanbad parliamentary seat, reflecting a more inclusive political landscape. Sunaina’s participation highlighted the growing acceptance and support for transgender individuals in Indian politics, even though the vote count didn’t reflect her full support base.

What next for Sunaina?

Sunaina’s journey in politics, despite the challenges, serves as an inspiration. Her determination to address societal issues and her positive outlook post-election underline her resilience and commitment to public service.