Why was comedian Shyam Rangeela's nomination rejected in Varanasi? What do rules say?

After the announcement of Lok Sabha election dates, elections are announced in every district. During the nomination process, the Collector informs everyone by issuing a press note.

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Comedian Shyam Rangeela's nomination from Varanasi Lok Sabha seat has been rejected. He had filed his nomination a day earlier on Tuesday itself. It is being told that Shyam Rangeela's nomination has been rejected due to not submitting the affidavit.  Voting for the Lok Sabha elections is to be held in seven phases. After voting in four phases, three more phases of elections are still left. The nomination process for the seventh phase has been completed. The process of withdrawal of nominations and scrutiny is underway. How does this electoral process happen from nomination to rejection of nomination.

Why nomination gets rejected?

The nomination of mimicry artist Shyam Rangeela from Varanasi has been rejected. Shyam did not submit an affidavit along with his nomination. In such a situation, we will tell you what mistake Shyam Rangeela made, that is, how the candidates contesting the Lok Sabha elections file nominations to ensure their candidature and what information the Election Commission asks from these candidates.

DM decision crucial during elections

After the announcement of Lok Sabha election dates, elections are announced in every district. During the nomination process, the Collector informs everyone by issuing a press note. After this the candidates can file nomination before the DM in the District Magistrate's office. It is also important to mention here that during elections the Collector of the district is considered the Chief Electoral Officer. 

Examines all the documents

After the nomination papers are filed in the elections, the Election Commission examines all the documents of the candidate. If the Commission finds anything suspicious in any document, the Election Commission can also cancel the candidature of that candidate. Candidates can campaign in the election field to seek votes only when their candidature is declared registered by the Election Commission. After this, the public decides the fate of the candidates by casting their invaluable votes.

Name in voter list

With the announcement of Lok Sabha election dates, the process of filling nomination papers also begins. Under this, any Indian citizen can stake claim to contest the Lok Sabha elections by filing nomination. The condition for this is that his name is in the voter list.

Limited vehicles 

After the announcement of Lok Sabha elections, the Election Commission has appointed returning officers and observers for different Lok Sabha seats in every part of the country. Any candidate can file his nomination papers by reaching the District Collector office. Along with nomination, candidates also have to deposit a prescribed security amount with the Election Commission. According to the election officer, any candidate can use limited vehicles during the process of submitting nomination papers. Along with this, there is an order to park these vehicles 100 meters in front of the Election Officer's office. No candidate can use drums without the permission of the election officer.

Submit affidavit 

While submitting the nomination papers, the candidate also has to submit an affidavit made at a notary level. In this affidavit, every information from the details of your income and expenditure has to be given to the Election Commission. Also, it has to be ensured that every information given by him is correct. During this, the candidate has to give documents like passport size photo, Aadhar card, PAN card, original residence, photocopy of caste certificate to the Election Commission.

Information about assets 

Before becoming an MP, a candidate has to give details of his movable and immovable property, his wife and if he has dependent children, all the information about their income, expenditure and loans in the nomination form.

Educational qualification

Information related to weapons, jewellery, educational qualification etc. also has to be given. The means of earning also have to be mentioned in the nomination form. Apart from this, how many criminal cases are registered against the candidate? In how many cases are court cases going on? Information about how many cases have been punished is also required to be disclosed. Information about all these matters has to be given through an affidavit.