Historic win for India: 'All We Imagine As Light' takes home Grand Prix at Cannes Film Festival

The film All We Imagine As Light is the first to be selected for the Main Competition at the Cannes Film Festival in thirty years.

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Courtesy: X/Canva

The crew of Payal Kapadia's film All We Imagine As Light deserves congratulations for taking home the Grand Prix at the 77th Cannes Film Festival. Payal attended the awards ceremony on the final day of the festival together with the cast members of the movie, Kani Kusruti, Divya Prabha, and Chhaya Kadam.

A stoic moment in history

The films that stacked up the honors in All We Imagine As Light featured new features by Yorgos Lanthimos, Paul Schrader, Paolo Sorrentino, and Francis Ford Coppola. The film received one of the longest standing ovations of this year's film festival, lasting eight minutes, after its May 23 premiere.

Celebrating cultural heritage at global stage

The film's themes and artistic expression also highlight India's rich cultural heritage. By weaving traditional elements with contemporary storytelling, "All We Imagine As Light" offers a fresh perspective on Indian culture and its relevance in today's world. This blend of old and new has captivated audiences worldwide, making it a landmark achievement in Indian cinema.

Starry nights haven't ended for the team

As "All We Imagine As Light" continues to garner acclaim and attract audiences globally, the film's success serves as an inspiration for aspiring filmmakers and artists. It reinforces the idea that compelling stories, when told with sincerity and passion, can transcend borders and resonate universally. The future of Indian cinema looks bright, with many more stories waiting to be told and celebrated on the world stage.

More on the venture

A nurse named Prabha (played by Kani Kusruti) receives an unexpected present from her long-estranged husband in the Indo-French film All We Imagine As Light. Meanwhile, Anu, her roommate and younger companion (played by Divya Prabha), is searching for a peaceful place to spend time with her partner. At that point, the two women make the decision to drive to a beach resort where they can freely pursue their aspirations.