Singer Mallika Rajput Found Deceased in Sultanpur Residence

According to sources, singer Vijay Lakshmi, also known as Mallika Rajput, was discovered dead on Tuesday under strange circumstances in her home.

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Courtesy: X/Twitter

Singer Vijay Lakshmi, also known as Mallika Rajput, was discovered dead in her home on Tuesday under strange circumstances.

What really happened! 

The 35-year-old singer's body was reportedly discovered hanging from a fan in a room of her home in the Kotwali police station area's Sitakund community. The family was asleep when the tragedy happened, according to Mallika's mother, Sumitra Singh. The in-charge of Kotwali police station According to Shriram Pandey, it appears to be a suicide case at first glance. He did, however, state that the postmortem report will reveal the precise cause of death.

The viral post...

Social media users are sharing an Instagram photo of Mallika that went viral amid the actor-singer's passing. Mallika's article on love and death started making the rounds on social media as soon as word of her passing spread. The singer-actress posted poems she had written to her Instagram account on February 1. The poems, which were written in Hindi, discussed heartbreak. "Nafrat mein na jeeyo tum, afsos mein nah marun main" is the title of the poetry that is now making the rounds on social media.