'Ceasefire won't bring True Peace in Gaza': US President Biden emphasises long-term two-state solution

Israel-Hamas Conflict: Biden argued that each cease-fire becomes an opportunity for Hamas to regroup, rearm, and resume attacks on innocent lives.

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Courtesy: ANI

Israel-Hamas Conflict: In a compelling op-ed published on Saturday, US President Joe Biden has stood firm against the growing calls for a ceasefire in Gaza, insisting that it alone won't pave the way for lasting peace.

Biden asserted, "As long as Hamas clings to its ideology of destruction, a cease-fire is not peace." He argued that each cease-fire becomes an opportunity for Hamas to regroup, rearm, and resume attacks on innocent lives.

The Call for Israel's Caution and Humanitarian Responsibility

Addressing Israel, Biden urged adherence to humanitarian law and the minimization of civilian casualties. He shared that during his visit to Tel Aviv, he counselled Israeli officials against letting emotions lead to mistakes.

Two-State Solution: The Path Forward

In the op-ed, Biden emphasised the need for a two-state solution as the ultimate resolution to the enduring conflict in the region. He advocated for the reunification of Gaza and the West Bank under a single governance structure, ultimately revitalised under the Palestinian Authority.

Warning Against Extremist Violence

Biden condemned extremist violence against Palestinians in the West Bank, expressing readiness to issue visa bans against the perpetrators. The US President underlined the need for accountability and an end to such violence.

Diplomatic Conversations and Concerns

While not delving into specifics, Biden mentioned ongoing private diplomatic conversations with Israel and expectations for addressing concerns related to extremist violence.

Biden's Strong Message Against Antisemitism and Islamophobia

The op-ed concluded with President Biden denouncing the rise of antisemitism and Islamophobia during the Israel-Hamas conflict. This comes amid the Biden administration's request for significant funding from Congress to support conflicts in Ukraine and Israel.

Ongoing Developments

The State Department has indicated concerns about Israel's compliance with the Visa Waiver Programme, with expectations for Israel to address these concerns. Last month, the Biden administration sought over USD 105 billion from Congress to provide security assistance for conflicts in Ukraine and Israel.

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