'Incredibly popular'; US Congressman predicts PM Modi's re-election

The US Congressman remarked that India's economy is expanding under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi.

Shantanu Poswal
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A US congressman, Rich McCormick from Georgia, expressed confidence in Prime Minister Narendra Modi's popularity, foreseeing his re-election in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. Following a lunch meeting with Prime Minister Modi and fellow congressmen, McCormick emphasized Modi's widespread appeal, spanning across party lines, estimating his popularity at around 70 percent.

McCormick commended Modi's progressive economic and developmental vision, as well as his inclusive approach towards all communities, both domestically and within the global Indian diaspora. He underscored the positive impact Modi's leadership has had on India's economy, with growth rates ranging from four to eight percent annually under his tenure.

While acknowledging India's occasional tendencies towards protectionism, McCormick highlighted the country's strategic openness to international cooperation, contrasting it with China's more aggressive posture. He emphasized the importance of fostering trust between nations when sharing technologies, particularly in light of geopolitical challenges posed by autocratic regimes like China.

Representing a district with a significant Indian American population, McCormick stressed the need for continued dialogue and trust-building between the US and India, emphasizing India's commitment to honest collaboration and technology sharing. As a member of the House Committee on Armed Services and House Foreign Affairs Committee, McCormick plays a crucial role in shaping US policy towards India and other strategic partners.