Earthquake of 6.4 magnitude hits Mexico-Guatemala border region

According to data from the U.S. Geological Survey, the earthquake initially measured a magnitude of 6.4 and occurred at a depth of 47 miles (75 kilometers).

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A significant earthquake rattled the Mexico-Guatemala border early Sunday morning, causing alarmed residents to rush into the streets. The seismic event occurred just before 6 a.m. near Suchiate, a Mexican border town, where the Suchiate River acts as a natural boundary between the two countries. The epicenter was situated off the Pacific coast, approximately 10 miles (16 kilometers) west-southwest of Brisas Barra de Suchiate, where the river meets the sea. The earthquake had a preliminary magnitude of 6.4, as reported by the U.S. Geological Survey, with a depth of 47 miles (75 kilometers).

While there were no immediate reports of damage in Mexico, regions with more rugged terrain and remote areas along the border are susceptible to landslides. In contrast, Guatemala's national disaster prevention agency shared visuals of minor landslides blocking highways in the Quetzaltenango region and noted significant cracks in walls at a hospital in San Marcos. However, there were no casualties reported.

In Tapachula, a city near the border, civil defence teams conducted assessments for any signs of damage. Didier Solares, an official from Suchiate's Civil Defence agency, expressed relief, stating they hadn't encountered any significant damage so far. He mentioned ongoing communication efforts with rural areas via radio, reporting no incidents of harm, which he attributed to good fortune.

Despite the absence of substantial damage, the earthquake's intensity was enough to unsettle residents in various areas. In San Cristobal, a scenic colonial city nestled in the mountains, the tremors were notably strong. Joaquin Morales, a resident, mentioned being alerted by the seismic warning system shortly before the quake struck, emphasising the jarring nature of the experience.