Israel-Hamas conflict: Saudi crown prince calls for urgent two-state solution

Saudi Arabia had previously held the 'Israeli occupation' accountable for 'crimes' against Palestinians.

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Courtesy: Instagram/mohammed_bin_salman_saudi

New Delhi: In a bold and decisive move, Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has urged the initiation of a robust peace process to establish a Palestinian state based on the 1967 borders. His stern remarks came during a virtual summit of the BRICS group, emphasizing the Kingdom's unwavering commitment to achieving security and stability in Palestine.

No compromise on two-state solution

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman reaffirmed Saudi Arabia's constant and firm position, asserting that the only path to security and stability in Palestine is through the implementation of international decisions supporting the two-state solution. The Kingdom stands resolute amid the recent turmoil triggered by Hamas' actions in Israel and the subsequent Gaza bombardment by Tel Aviv.

Chinese president Xi Jinping adds support

Joining the call for peace, Chinese President Xi Jinping advocated for an immediate ceasefire and endorsed the two-state solution as the fundamental resolution for enduring peace in the region. Addressing the BRICS summit, President Xi Jinping emphasized the restoration of the legitimate rights of the Palestinian nation and the establishment of an independent State of Palestine.

Saudi Arabia's humanitarian plea

Saudi Arabia had previously held the 'Israeli occupation' accountable for 'crimes' against Palestinians. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman reiterated the urgent need for a Gaza ceasefire and condemned ongoing Israeli aggression. He criticized international double standards in applying humanitarian law and urged coordinated efforts among Arab and Islamic states to end the siege, provide humanitarian aid, and address the dire situation in Gaza.

Humanitarian catastrophe?

Labeling the situation a "humanitarian catastrophe," the crown prince called out the UN Security Council and the international community for failing to halt Israeli violations. Despite tireless efforts by Saudi Arabia since the beginning of the Gaza aggression, the prince stressed the imperative to establish a Palestinian state on the 1967 borders, designating East Jerusalem as its capital.

The urgent plea for a ceasefire and humanitarian action underscores the gravity of the situation, with the Kingdom pushing for concrete international efforts to address the pressing concerns in the region.