Myanmar Military Aircraft skids off runway in Mizoram

The aircraft was on a mission to airlift Myanmar army personnel seeking refuge in the northeastern region.

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Courtesy: NDTV

In a dramatic turn of events, a Myanmar military aircraft skidded off the runway at Mizoram's Lengpui Airport during a mission to airlift Myanmar army personnel seeking refuge in the northeastern region. It should be noted that the Lengpui's tabletop runway has been a challenging one for aircrafts in the history. 

The Myanmar army personnel were airlifted following intense clashes with rebel groups in their home country. Seeking refuge in Mizoram, the evacuation mission aimed to transport them safely amid the ongoing unrest in Myanmar.

Lengpui Airport is renowned for its tabletop runway, which poses unique challenges to pilots during takeoff and landing. The aircraft's skid off the runway during landing underscores the demanding conditions faced by aviators operating at this airport.

The exact details of the skidding incident are yet to be fully disclosed, but the challenging topography of the tabletop runway likely played a role. Skidding incidents on tabletop runways are particularly perilous due to limited space and the potential for runway overshoots.

The primary objective of the military aircraft was to evacuate Myanmarese soldiers who sought refuge in Mizoram amidst the heightened conflict in their home country. The evacuation mission gained urgency as rebel groups intensified clashes with the Myanmar army.

India, responding to the situation, sent home at least 184 Myanmarese soldiers on Monday. 

Challenging Runway Design

Lengpui Airport's tabletop runway is known for its challenging design, situated on a plateau and requiring precise maneuvers during takeoff and landing. Pilots often undergo specialized training to navigate such runways successfully.