Pakistan: Famous TV news anchor booked for domestic violence after wife shares ordeal online

The victim and wife of the TV anchor Ashfaqe Ishaq Satti, Nomaika, bravely took to social media to recount her harrowing ordeal.

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Courtesy: X/NomaikaAshfaq

New Delhi: A distressing case of domestic abuse has emerged from Pakistan, involving a prominent television news anchor accused of brutally assaulting his wife. The victim, identified as Nomaika, bravely took to social media to recount her harrowing ordeal, shedding light on the alleged atrocities inflicted upon her by her husband, Ashfaqe Ishaq Satti, the host of ARY News morning show 'Bakhabar Savera'.

Allegations and legal action

Nomaika shared disturbing images of her injuries on social media, revealing the extent of the alleged torture and abuse she endured. She accused her husband of subjecting her to severe physical violence, locking her in a room, and forcibly taking away their young son. Nomaika further claimed that her husband's mother was present during the assault.

A distressed call for help

In a poignant post on 'X' (formerly Twitter), Nomaika pleaded for assistance, detailing the relentless assault she endured at the hands of her husband. She recounted being beaten mercilessly, dragged across the floor, and threatened with suffocation. Despite her desperate pleas, she alleges she was left in a dark room without sustenance for days.

Nomaika seeks justice

Nomaika eventually sought medical attention and filed a First Information Report (FIR) against her husband, a process she described as arduous due to his purported influence and pressure on the authorities. She lamented the lack of swift action following the FIR, expressing fear that her husband's influence may impede the pursuit of justice.

Appeal for support

Desperate for recourse, Nomaika implored the public for support and solidarity in her quest for justice, highlighting the disparity in power dynamics between herself and her influential husband. She underscored the importance of collective action in addressing such egregious acts of brutality and urged individuals to stand with her in her fight for accountability.

The case has sparked outrage and renewed calls for action to combat domestic violence and protect the rights and safety of women in Pakistan.