Separated at birth: Twins' unlikely reunion unveils a dark reality in Georgia

Amy discovered Ano through a girl's dance performance on 'Georgia's Got Talent,' while Ano saw Amy in a TikTok video featuring a woman with blue hair.

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In a tale reminiscent of Bollywood drama and real-life intrigue, the story of Amy Khvitia and Ano Sartania, identical twins separated at birth, has unfolded in the Eastern European country of Georgia. Their reunion, sparked by a viral TikTok video and a talent show, not only brings joy but also sheds light on a pervasive issue of babies being stolen from hospitals and sold.

The Unveiling of the Twin Saga

Amy and Ano, unaware of each other's existence, lived just miles apart in Georgia. Their journey to discovery began at the age of 12 when Amy, engrossed in the TV show 'Georgia's Got Talent,' stumbled upon a girl dancing who bore an uncanny resemblance to her long-lost sister. Simultaneously, Ano received a TikTok video featuring a woman with blue hair who looked remarkably like herself. The woman in the video was none other than her twin, Amy.

A Shocking Revelation: Separation at Birth

The twins' separation traces back to 2002 when their birth mother, Aza Shoni, fell into a coma due to undisclosed birth complications. Gocha Gakharia, her husband, faced an agonizing decision - to sell Ano and Amy to separate families. Ano was raised in Tbilisi, while Amy grew up in Zugdidi, both oblivious to each other's existence.

Parallel Lives and a Fateful Reunion

Despite participating in the same dance contest at the age of 11, where onlookers noticed their striking resemblance, the truth remained elusive. Their lives continued on parallel paths until the serendipitous TikTok video and subsequent reunion on the Rustaveli Bridge in Tbilisi, Georgia's capital, two years ago.

A Dark Reality: Stolen Babies in Georgia

As Amy and Ano sought answers to their own separation, they stumbled upon a shocking reality - they were just two among thousands of babies stolen from Georgian hospitals and sold. This dark practice, occurring over decades, remains largely unresolved. Cases have been reported as recently as 2005, revealing a systemic issue that demands attention.

The Larger Issue: Unresolved Scandal

The twins' story brings attention to the larger issue plaguing Georgia - the alarming number of babies stolen and sold. The scandal remains unresolved, raising questions about the inadequacy of measures to address and rectify such heinous acts.

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