US Elections 2024: Second term seekers, UN ambassador, anti vaxxer - all candidates running for Presidency

US Elections 2024: With familiar faces, unexpected entrants and controversies shaping the narrative, the question of who will lead the nation is gaining prominence.

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US Elections 2024: As the race for the next US president gains momentum, contenders are emerging and the field is gradually narrowing down. With familiar faces, unexpected entrants and controversies shaping the narrative, the question of who will lead the nation is gaining prominence. Let us  have a look into the noteworthy candidates and the unfolding dynamics of the 2024 presidential race.

1. Battling for a second term - Joe Biden, Democrat, 81

President Biden, amid the ongoing "battle for the soul of America," is vying for a second term. While his first tenure witnessed achievements such as job creation and post-COVID recovery, challenges like the Kabul chaos raised concerns. Critics highlight his age and occasional gaffes. As Joe Biden faces the quest for his party's nomination, polls indicate mixed sentiments, with a 41% approval rating in mid-June.

Did you know? Biden, a car enthusiast, owns a 1967 Corvette convertible and showcased it on Jay Leno's Garage.

2. A comeback bid - Donald Trump, Republican, 77

Despite facing federal criminal charges, Trump is determined to secure a second term. Accusations, including retaining classified information, haven't deterred his loyal supporters. Donald Trump is currently leading the Republican race, remains a polarizing figure. His indictment over document storage at Mar-a-Lago impacted his standing, yet he aims to reclaim the Oval Office in 2024.

Did you know? Trump faces 37 criminal charges, with accusations ranging from retaining classified information to obstructing justice which led to his indictment.

3. Anti-vaxxer- Robert Kennedy Jr, Independent, 69

A member of the Kennedy clan, Robert Kennedy Jr, known for his anti-vaccine stance, brings a unique perspective. Despite controversies, including remarks during the COVID-19 pandemic, he garners support. Recent polls indicate significant percentages in the race for the Democratic nomination, reflecting potential appeal for a populist approach from the left.

Did you know? In 2005, Kennedy authored "Deadly Immunity," suggesting a link between vaccines and autism.

4. Another second bid - Marianne Williamson, Democrat, 71

Best-selling author Marianne Williamson, on her second presidential bid, seeks a Democratic nomination. Known for spiritual insights, she emphasizes youthful voices within the party. Williamson, with a background in literature, aims to bring her unique perspective to the forefront.

Did you know? Williamson appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show as a "spiritual adviser."

5. UN Ambassador- Nikki Haley, Republican, 51

Former South Carolina governor and UN ambassador Nikki Haley, presenting a conservative stance, highlights her youth and diverse background. Aiming to address gender and race issues credibly, she positions herself as an alternative to older contenders.

Did you know? Haley once competed in the Little Miss Bamberg pageant.

6. Anti Trump figure- Asa Hutchinson, Republican, 73

Former Arkansas governor Asa Hutchinson positions himself as an anti-Trump figure, advocating leadership appealing to the best of America. Criticizing a potential Trump re-election, Hutchinson emphasizes unity over divisive instincts.

Did you know? Hutchinson's identical twin sons made history as the first twins to serve together in the Arkansas General Assembly.

7. Environmental activist - Jill Stein, Green Party, 73

Environmental activist Jill Stein launches another bid, emphasizing a broken political system. Stein, a recurring candidate, aims to address climate issues and challenges the two-party paradigm.

Did you know? Stein has accused Israel of war crimes and calls for a halt to US aid to the country.

8. Biden's challenger - Dean Phillips, Democrat, 54

Minnesota congressman Dean Phillips, challenging Biden for the Democratic nomination, stresses the need for younger voices. As an influential figure, Phillips, heir to a distilling company, seeks a distinct Democratic representation.

Did you know? Phillips' grandmother was the renowned advice columnist "Dear Abby."

9. Activist - Cornel West, Independent, 70

Activist and scholar Cornel West transitions to an independent run after initial ties to the Green Party. While facing long odds, West's impact on key states raises concerns for Democrats.

Did you know? West has made appearances in Hollywood films such as The Matrix Reloaded.

US Elections 2024: Candidates who have exited the race to the Oval office

1. Ron DeSantis - Republican, 45

Florida governor Ron DeSantis, known for anti-"woke" laws, suspends his campaign, a significant move given his prominence as a potential challenger to Trump.

Did you know? DeSantis' wife, Casey, played a pivotal role in his political rise.

2. Vivek Ramaswamy - Republican, 38

Former biotech executive Vivek Ramaswamy withdraws after the Iowa caucus, ending a bid that aimed to challenge both Trump and DeSantis.

Did you know? Ramaswamy could have been the youngest US president ever.

3. Mike Pence - Republican, 64

Former vice president Mike Pence, breaking ties with Trump post-6 January 2021, exits the race, emphasizing accountability for the Capitol attack.

Did you know? Pence's late rabbit, Marlon Bundo, had its own Instagram account and starred in children's books.

4. Tim Scott - Republican, 58

Senator Tim Scott, emphasizing party unity, faces challenges in gaining Republican support, ultimately withdrawing from the race.

Did you know? Scott would be the first unmarried US president since 1884.

5. Chris Christie - Republican, 61

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, known for advising Trump and later criticizing him, enters the race as an underdog but faces limited Republican support.

Did you know? Christie's favourite book is The Great Gatsby.

6. Doug Burgum - Republican, 67

North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum, entering the race late, emphasizes small-town values but faces challenges in gaining national recognition.

Did you know? Burgum's wealth stems from selling his startup to Microsoft.

7. Larry Elder - Republican, 71

Conservative radio personality Larry Elder, known for his recall campaign in California, enters the race as a longshot candidate.

Did you know? Elder faced controversy during the recall campaign, with allegations of showing a gun during an argument.

8. Francis Suarez - Republican, 46

Miami mayor Francis Suarez, focusing on making Miami a tech hub, joins the crowded Republican field.

Did you know? Suarez did not support Trump in the 2016 or 2020 elections.