Know the surprising anti-diabetic properties of Parijat (Night Blooming Jasmine)

According to science, Parijat plant has strong antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant qualities. Here are few…

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Benefits of Parijat: 

Night Blooming Jasmine which is commonly known as Parijat has its special importance from religious point of view. Parijat, Haarshingaar, Harsingaar, Shringaar are other names of this rare flower. 

In addition to its religious importance, this plant has several therapeutic uses. This plant is thought to have been given to Earth by Lord Krishna. Other legendary stories state that Parijat arose from the churning ocean. It is believed that the home where Parijat is planted is always inhabited by Goddess Lakshmi. According to science, this plant has strong antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant qualities.

Properties of Parijat

Parijat is also called the queen of the night because it blooms only at night. This plant contains anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. In ayurveda, it is one of the beneficial plants for the treatment of in chronic fever, rheumatism, arthritis, joint pain, sciatica and diabetes.

Joint Pain:

According to experts, if you are troubled by joint pain then take around 5 grams of its bark, flowers and leaves of and boil it in 200 grams of water. When it is one-fourth of the water after boiling, filter and cool it. You will get immediate relief from joint pain.

Chronic fever:

For chronic fever, boil 3 grams of Parijat bark and 2 grams of its leaves in water. Also add 2-3 basil leaves in it. Now cool it and drink it. If you drink it twice a day for a few days, you will get relief.


Its leaves have anti-diabetic properties. Grind the leaves and heat it lightly in water and drink it in the morning. It will help in controlling blood sugar to a great extent.


Grind 3-4 leaves and boil it with water and then cool it and drink it on an empty stomach. You will get relief from chronic sciatica disease.

Parijat is very useful for cold and cough in winters. Tea can also be made using Parijat leaves during winters.

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