37 y/o Uzbekistan woman discovered deceased in Bengaluru hotel; Police suspect foul play

Law enforcement authorities have expressed suspicion that she may have been the victim of murder through suffocation.

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Courtesy: ANI

In a tragic turn of events, a 37-year-old woman hailing from Uzbekistan was discovered lifeless at a hotel in Bengaluru, Karnataka, on Wednesday. 

Having arrived in the bustling tech city merely four days prior on a tourist visa, the circumstances surrounding her demise are shrouded in suspicion. Law enforcement officials involved in the investigation have voiced concerns that she may have fallen victim to foul play, potentially succumbing to smothering.

The unsettling incident unfolded within the confines of the Seshadripuram locality in the city. Identified as Zareena, the deceased had been lodging at the Jagadish Hotel during her stay. 

Her demise came to light when hotel staff, on Wednesday afternoon, gained entry to her room, only to discover her lifeless form within. With no response to their repeated attempts to make contact, the staff utilized a master key to access the room around 4:30 PM.

Promptly alerting the authorities, the hotel management filed a complaint with the local police, prompting the initiation of an investigation labeled as a case of "mysterious death." Preliminary inquiries suggest the grim possibility of homicide, as indicated by police sources cited in the report.

Zareena's mortal remains have been entrusted to Bowring Hospital in Shivaji Nagar for post-mortem examination, aimed at shedding light on the precise cause and timing of her demise. Officials involved in the case suspect that she may have met her untimely end through smothering, although further forensic analysis is pending.

In their quest for answers, law enforcement agencies have meticulously combed through the hotel room with the assistance of forensic specialists and canine units. Additionally, scrutiny of CCTV footage and hotel records is underway to determine if any visitors were in contact with the victim on the day of her demise.