Caught on camera: Man grabs collar, hits him with pistol in Lucknow | WATCH

The fight began when Vinod Mishra's black Tata Safari was hit by Ranjeet's white WagonR.

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A shocking incident of road rage unfolded in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh when a man brandishing a pistol threatened another driver. The confrontation erupted after a minor car collision in the Web Mall area, which portrays the dangers of escalating tempers on the road.

The fight began when Vinod Mishra's black Tata Safari was hit by Ranjeet's white WagonR. Enraged, Mishra grabbed Ranjeet by his t-shirt, pointed a pistol at him, and struck him multiple times with the gun. The situation quickly escalated as Mishra pushed Ranjeet against a car and hit him on the shoulder and his belly with the gun's butt while Ranjeet tried to protect himself.

Police response

According to Additional Superintendent of Police Amit Kumawat, the incident started when Ranjeet was on his way to Bhutnath, and his car collided with Mishra's. The collision led to a heated argument, during which Mishra pulled out his licensed pistol and began his assault. Despite Ranjeet's apologies, Mishra continued to threaten and assault him.

Watch the video here:

After the incident, which occurred in the Bansmandi area on Faizabad Road, Ranjeet filed a complaint with the police. Authorities promptly arrested Vinod Mishra and confiscated his licensed pistol. The police are currently investigating the case and have assured that further legal action will be taken against Mishra.

Viral video sparks outrage

A passerby in a vehicle captured the entire incident on camera, and the video quickly went viral on social media. The footage shows the terrifying moment when Mishra assaulted Ranjeet, sparking outrage among viewers and raising concerns about road safety and gun violence.

This incident has brought attention to the issue of road rage and the need for stricter enforcement of traffic laws to prevent such violent encounters. As the investigation continues, the public awaits justice for Ranjeet and measures to ensure safer roads for everyone.