Crime runs deep: Lover helps minor orchestrate sister-in-law's murder for THIS shocking reason!

In Kota, Rajasthan, a dramatic incidence of disgraced relationships has surfaced. In this case, a sister-in-law murdered her sister-in-law in order to hide her extramarital romance.

Bhaskar Chakravorty
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In Kota, Rajasthan, a dramatic incidence of disgraced relationships has surfaced. In order to keep her love affair a secret, a Bhabhi and her partner assassinated her sister-in-law. After the murder, the police had the case solved in under 24 hours. In addition, the sister-in-law of the deceased as well as the accused lover have been taken into custody. An investigation is underway about this matter.

Kota crime runs deep

Ankit Prajapat, who resides in Keshavpura Sector 4 of the Mahavir Nagar police station in the district, is reportedly married to a young girl. Her eighteenth birthday is still a few months away. Ankit shared a home with his younger sister. There are rumors that his wife had an affair with Raju, a boy, prior to their marriage. She called Raju to her place frequently when her husband was not there.

Aware and loud

Poonam was aware of this. Poonam Prajapati's marriage to Rahul, a guy from her sister-in-law's community, was arranged here. However, their sister-in-law opposed their marriage. She was worried that once she returned to her village, Poonam would divulge the details of her love affair. She was urging her to end this marriage nonstop. Poonam, though, was determined to wed Rahul. Because of this, the sister-in-law and her lover devised a terrifying plot out of dread that their secret would be discovered.

The planned attack!

Tuesday night, Bhabhi and Raju, as part of the plot, attacked Poonam's head with a heavy, sharp object after slitting her neck when no one else was home. Poonam was instantly killed by this deadly attack. Following his sister's murder, Ankit made a police station complaint. A police squad was then assembled to look into the matter. A number of senior police officers came to the location. Along with questioning people, the police looked through the CCTV footage surrounding the crime scene. Based on the findings of the FSL, the dog squad, and the gathered evidence, the police detained Poonam's sister-in-law. She broke down when questioned rigorously. She said that she and her partner Raju Prajapati were responsible for the murder. Following this, Raju was raided by the police and taken into custody at Mandawar.