Do not make me say anything more: CJI slams lawyers' body president

Senior counsel and lawyers' organization president Adish Aggarwala had requested a suo motu review of the Supreme Court's ruling on the electoral bonds scheme.

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The Chief Justice of India (CJI), DY Chandrachud, slammed the President of the Supreme Court Bar Association, who had sought Suo Motu's review of the SC's judgement last month. The judgement scrapped the electoral bonds scheme and SBI, which were guided to release all details regarding political funding made via bonds.

The statement that made the action! 

When Mr. Aggarwala mentioned the matter today, the Chief Justice replied, sternly, "Apart from being a senior counsel, you are president of SCBA. You have written a letter invoking my suo motu powers. These are all publicity-related stuff and we will not get into this. Do not make me say anything more. It will be distasteful."

Solicitor General Tushar Mehta dissociated from Mr. Aggarwala's request, not supporting the argument. In a previous letter to President Droupadi Murmu, the senior attorney incited controversy by pleading with her to request a presidential reference of the Supreme Court's ruling in the electoral bonds matter.

The Supreme Court Bar Association disavowed his opinions and stated that Mr. Aggarwala's letter to the President was not approved by panel members. "It has become expedient for the Executive Committee of the Supreme Court Bar Association to make it abundantly clear that the members of the committee have neither authorised the President to write any such letter nor do they subscribe to his views as expressed therein.

Bar association states! 

Bar association Secretary Rohit Pandey said in a resolution that the Executive Committee of the SC Bar Association further views the act as an attempt to overreach and undermine the authority of the Supreme Court of India and unequivocally condemns it.

According to the resolution, Mr. Aggarwala appears to have drafted the letter in his role as the All India Bar Association Chairman. Nevertheless, it was noted that he had mentioned, among other things, his position as President of the Supreme Court Bar Association beneath his signature on the aforementioned letter.

Senior attorney breaks silence via letter to Prez

In a letter to the president, the senior attorney had pleaded with her to request a presidential reference to the highest court's decision and to hold off on implementing it until the case was rehearsed.

He added that disclosing the identities of corporations that had donated to various political parties would expose the corporations to victimization. He went on to say that the reputation of the nation that it has in the world arena will be destroyed if the verdict is implemented and all material is made public.