Do your kids love cotton candy? Puducherry bans it citing grave concerns, here's why

Puducherry Lieutenant Governor Tamilisai Soundarajan made the announcement regarding the prohibition of cotton candy sales.

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Courtesy: ANI

Puducherry: The Union Territory of Puducherry has taken a significant step by banning cotton candy, a beloved treat among children, after traces of toxic materials were discovered within its composition. Puducherry Lieutenant Governor Tamilisai Soundarajan made the announcement regarding the prohibition of cotton candy sales. She emphasized the importance of safeguarding children's health and urged parents to refrain from purchasing the candy due to its harmful contents. Soundarajan highlighted the presence of toxic materials within the sweet, which pose risks to both children and adults.

In a statement shared on Instagram, the Lieutenant Governor cautioned against the consumption of chemically-treated cotton candy, citing detrimental health effects. She reinforced her message with a video post.

Soundarajan revealed that food safety authorities detected Rhodamine-B, a hazardous substance, in samples of cotton candy tested. In addition to cotton candy, she advised against feeding children other food items containing artificial colors.

Crackdown on cotton candy vendors

Authorities in Puducherry have been instructed to inspect shops selling cotton candy. Soundarajan warned that if toxic materials are identified in the candy being sold, immediate confiscation will ensue.

A similar incident in Chennai raised concerns when synthetic dyes were discovered in cotton candy. Food safety officials cautioned against the use of artificial colors in various snacks, including spring potatoes, fish fries and bhajjis.

Goa imposes ban on Gobhi manchurian

Goa, a renowned tourist destination, recently prohibited the sale of gobhi manchurian in Mapusa town. The decision came following allegations made by a councilor regarding the presence of synthetic colors, low-quality sauces, and Reetha powder—a detergent ingredient—in the dish.

Gobhi manchurian, a popular fair snack in Goa, traditionally incorporates soya sauce. However, due to cost considerations, street vendors often substitute color additives for this ingredient.

Restaurant owners advocate for regulated measures rather than a complete ban, emphasizing the importance of maintaining food quality standards while allowing people to savor the delicacy.