Farmers' Protest: What has happened so far? A brief of demonstration 2.0

Farmers' protest: The 'Delhi Chalo' protest march was set to commence at 10 am, with farmers gathering at key points including various parts of Haryana-Punjab border.

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Courtesy: ANI

Farmers' Protest: As thousands of farmers converge upon the national capital for the 'Delhi Chalo' march, Delhi's borders with Uttar Pradesh and Haryana have been fortified with cement blocks, pillars, and heavy barricades. This movement comes as farmers intensify their demands, particularly the enactment of a law ensuring Minimum Support Price (MSP) for crops.

Farmers' Protest: Commencement of march

The 'Delhi Chalo' protest march was set to commence at 10 am, with farmers gathering at key points such as the Haryana-Punjab border in Shambhu, Ambala, Khanauri in Jind-Narwana, and Dabwali in Sirsa before proceeding towards Delhi. While Haryana Police have bolstered security measures across various borders, farmer organizations have designated these three borders for entry into Haryana en route to Delhi.

Farmers' Protest: Traffic diversions and security measures

To accommodate the influx of protesting farmers, traffic diversions have been implemented on major roads connecting Delhi with neighboring states and the National Capital Region (NCR). Additionally, Section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC) has been enforced in Delhi's border areas to preempt any potential disturbances amid the mass protest.

Delhi Police is vigilant in upholding law and order during the march, instituting traffic restrictions on routes linking the NCR region with Delhi.

Farmers' Protest: Clashes and traffic disruptions

At Haryana's Shambhu border with Punjab, clashes erupted between protesting farmers and security forces as tensions escalated. Security personnel, including the Rapid Action Force (RAF), deployed tear gas shells to disperse the demonstrators.

Meanwhile, extensive barricading has resulted in significant traffic congestion along the National Highway-24 near the Ghazipur border in Delhi. Arterial roads have been blocked, and vehicles redirected due to the ongoing farmers' protest.

Farmers' Protest: Ongoing preparations and traffic updates

In anticipation of the protest, farmers from Fatehgarh Sahib in Punjab are en route to the Shambhu border in Ambala. In Delhi, preparations include filling metal shipping containers with soil and reinforcing cement blocks with barbed wires to prevent unauthorized entry.

Delhi Police, cognizant of past inadequacies, has stationed three concrete mixer machines at strategic locations to enhance fortification efforts.

Traffic movement along the GT Karnal Road has been hindered by barricades and roadblocks, leading to significant congestion along the Delhi bypass. However, traffic at the Noida-Kalindi Kunj border remains relatively unaffected.