Friendship trap: Chennai teen falls prey to spiked food, raped at birthday party

A cafe encounter with a woman led to a 15-year-old girl being invited to a birthday party, where the teen was allegedly fed spiked food, enabling two men to take advantage of her unconscious state and sexually assault her.

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In a shocking incident that has sent shockwaves through the city of Chennai, a 15-year-old girl was allegedly raped by two men after her food was spiked with an unknown substance at a birthday party. The horrific crime unfolded after the unsuspecting minor was lured into a trap by a woman she had befriended at a cafe in Anna Nagar.

According to police reports, the woman, whose identity remains undisclosed, struck up a friendship with the Class 11 student at a local cafe. Exploiting the teen's trust, the woman extended an invitation to her for a birthday celebration at an apartment, setting the stage for the heinous crime that followed.

Spiked Food and Unconsciousness

Once at the apartment, the woman allegedly offered the minor spiked food, causing her to lose consciousness. Seizing the opportunity, two men, whose identities have been revealed as Somesh and Williams, reportedly sexually assaulted the helpless girl. In a chilling twist, the woman also threatened to kill the victim if she dared to disclose the incident, further compounding her trauma.

Sister's Vigilance Uncovers Horrific Crime

The shocking incident came to light two days later when the girl's sister noticed her looking unwell and insisted on seeking medical attention. It was during this consultation that the brave minor mustered the courage to reveal the harrowing details of the sexual assault she had endured.

Police Swing into Action, Arrests Made

Prompted by the girl's parents, who filed a police complaint, authorities swiftly acted and arrested two individuals identified as Somesh and Prathiksha. However, the search for the third suspect, Williams, remains ongoing as investigators work tirelessly to bring all perpetrators to justice.

In the aftermath of this horrific crime, concerns have been raised about the safety of minors, particularly in social gatherings where predators may exploit vulnerabilities. The incident has also highlighted the need for increased vigilance and awareness among parents and the community at large to protect children from such heinous acts.