I don't care about job: List of all tweets by Kulwinder Kaur who allegedly slapped Kangana

The incident stemmed from Kangana’s contentious remarks regarding Punjabi women involved in the farmers' protest.

Satyam Singh
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A woman CISF constable posted at Chandigarh Airport allegedly slapped Bollywood actor and BJP’s MP-elect Kangana Ranaut on Thursday. The incident stemmed from Kangana’s contentious remarks regarding Punjabi women involved in the farmers' protest. In a video circulating post the incident, the constable is heard mentioning her mother's participation in the protests.

Who is Kulwinder Kaur?

Kulwinder Kaur, 35, hailing from Sultanpur Lodhi in Punjab, has served at Chandigarh Airport for two years. Her spouse also serves in the CISF, while her brother, Sher Singh, holds a leadership position in the Kisan Mazdoor Sangharsh Committee. Kulwinder Kaur, the constable, is a mother of two. She has been detained following the incident. The CISF has initiated an inquiry panel to probe the matter further.

Ranaut's allegation

Kangana Ranaut claimed that as she was passing through the CISF checkpoint, the constable approached her and slapped her in the face.

Kulwinder Kaur's alleged posts on X

Before she came into limelight following altercation with incumbent Mandi MP Kangana Ranaut, CISF officer Kulwinder Kaur was quite active on social media platform X. Her alleged tweets tend to resonate with the farmers who were protesting against three bills imposed by the Narendra Modi-led central government. Her posts also reveal that she always had ideological differences with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

Here is a list of all the tweets she allegedly posted:

  • May 19: The old-time robbers used to rob by shouting “Jai Bhavani”! What slogan do the new age bandits use...?
  • May 20: Had you also taken those two doses of death certificate on which Yamraj's picture was printed...?
  • May 20: Now accept it.. the country is in safe hands. For the first time in 77 years a #helicopter has been stolen..!
  • May 21:The speculative market has also disturbed the power market. Possibility of huge loss to the donation thief.
  • May 24: The BJP+JJP government had fired shells, bullets, lathicharge and used chemical solution in water cannons on the farmers. There was oppression against the farmers who came to demand their rights. My dear people of Haryana and Punjab, please use your vote against BJP tomorrow. Uproot the Modi government which is killer of farmers.
  • May 24: Uproot this poor government, which calls farmers demanding their rights as terrorists, Khalistani and agitators. Remove from power those who looted the country in the last 10 years.
  • May 25: Defeat BJP, save the country, save the farmers.
  • May 27: The temperature has increased for those living in AC, otherwise the #soldiers on the border and the farmers in the fields are still standing...
  • May 29: The role of #Godi_media and #sycophant_anchors is more than that of sahibs and blind devotees in the ruin of the country. #Chamchi
  • May 30: Knowledge of Mahatma Gandhi cannot be possessed by a person who fails for the fourth time. The country will not be run by blabbering, blind devotees, the country will be run only by the ideology of Mahatma Gandhi.
  • June 1: Rajasthan's attempt to win 33 out of 25 seats was finally successful. May BJP not cross the figure of 1000 on June 4?
  • June 2: The blind devotees are happy after seeing the exit poll of Godi Media. That Godi Media is ranked 161st in the world.
  • June 4: Whether the number of blindly devoted fools in the country has increased or decreased.. keep watching till today, till they are not destroyed.
  • June 4: 12 o'clock we will pick up our bags and leave.
  • June 4: I have blood relation with Punjab: Saheb Mhara, no relation with a cheap man: Punjab Seat 0
  • June 5: Real Ram devotees won in Ayodhya,Those who traded Ram lost.
  • June 5: I heard that the chair which was priced at Rs 400 is now available for Rs 250.
  • June 6: This slap of mine will keep reminding you of the #MSP rights that my farmer community is demanding.
  • June 6: I am the daughter of the same farmer community who took revenge by bringing out the Mughal emperor from his grave. Not only us but also our future generations will have to account for whatever one has done.
  • June 6: During the farmers' movement, Kangana Ranaut had told the women sitting on dharna that they sit on dharna for Rs 100 each, then my mother was also sitting there.