Jail authorities release Arvind Kejriwal's diet plan; Here's what Delhi CM is eating in Tihar Jail

The ED, in a submission to the Special Court, claimed that Kejriwal's consumption of high-glycemic index foods was aimed to increase his blood sugar levels.

Satyam Singh
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Arvind Kejriwal, the jailed Chief Minister, has sparked controversy yet again, this time over his dietary choices in jail. Earlier, he reached out to the court to allow him home-cooked food. This time he reached out for virtual medical consultations, thrice a week. 

Kejriwal's application has been withdrawn after the Enforcement Directorate (ED) alleged that he had been intentionally consuming an unsuitable diet to manipulate his blood sugar levels. 

What did the Enforcement Directorate say on Kejriwals's diet?

The ED, in a submission to the Special Court, claimed that Kejriwal's consumption of high-glycemic index foods was aimed at artificially elevating his blood sugar levels. This strategy, the agency asserted, was a ploy to engineer a medical emergency, potentially facilitating a bail application or a transfer to a hospital.


Kejriwal's diet in jail.
Kejriwal's diet in jail.

Kejriwal's diet in jail

The ED provided a detailed account of Kejriwal's dietary habits over the past 15 days, highlighting a consistent intake of foods with a high sugar content. The diet reportedly included items like sweetened tea, bananas, sweets, rice, and potatoes, despite Kejriwal's known condition of diabetes mellitus type II. 

The agency further disclosed Kejriwal's blood sugar readings, showing a significant spike from 116 on April 4 to 280 on April 12 and 276 on April 14. This pattern, according to the ED, demonstrated a deliberate effort to manipulate medical conditions for legal advantage.

Kejriwal's blood pressure and rbs monitoring
Kejriwal's blood pressure and rbs monitoring report.

Medical oversight

Medical professionals stationed within the jail have been regularly monitoring Kejriwal's blood sugar levels twice a day. Moreover, authorities have sought medical advice from AIIMS to address his specific health concerns, including diabetes mellitus type II and chronic bronchitis.

Court's response

Following the ED's allegations, Kejriwal withdrew his application for virtual medical consultations. The court has now directed jail authorities to furnish a report on Kejriwal's dietary compliance and blood sugar levels.

Why Arvind Kejriwal was arrested?

Arvind Kejriwal's arrest on March 21 stemmed from his alleged involvement in a liquor policy scam in Delhi. The ED has accused him of playing a pivotal role in formulating the policy and seeking illicit favors in return for liquor licenses. Kejriwal and his party, AAP, have vehemently denied these allegations, attributing them to political vendetta ahead of the Lok Sabha elections.

Kejriwal has contested his arrest in the Supreme Court, though an expedited hearing has been denied. The case is scheduled for further proceedings on April 29.