Jodhpur horror: Teacher calls school girl for extra class; Does THIS horrific thing next all night

A teacher in Rajasthan has gone beyond the pale of cruelty. Using the pretext of an extra class, he called a student to school, sexually assaulted her there, left her unconscious, and left.

Bhaskar Chakravorty
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A Rajasthani schoolteacher went beyond the pale of cruelty. He first summoned a female student to class under the guise of an extra lesson. He molested her in the classroom all night long after she arrived. Following this, he fled, leaving her comatose. People's anger over this tragedy is very high.

cruel eyes in Jodpur preys school girl

In Rajasthan's Jodhpur area, the dynamic between a teacher and student has once again been denigrated. This time, in the Jodhpur district's Lohawat area, a teacher has turned a fifteen-year-old girl into the victim of his passion. He sexually assaulted her while calling her to an additional class at the school. Following that, he fled, leaving her comatose. The police station in Lohawat is looking for him. It is reported that the incident occurred this morning.

Extra classes lead to horror!

Based on the statement in the prescription, a girl from a village in the Lohawat area has filed a case, according to information obtained from the police. The hospital has received her. The girl attends the village's government school. She had been summoned to the school by a teacher yesterday evening for an extra class. She was instructed not to disclose her whereabouts to her family. The girl then proceeded to her evening classes. She remained there through the night.

The crime in persuit

The instructor took her hostage, locked the school from the outside, and went in through the rear entrance. He then sexually assaulted the girl. The teacher had scratched the girl all night, and the girl told the police. Following that, the teacher fled in the morning, leaving the girl in a state of unconsciousness close to her home. The authorities are looking for him.