Like uncle's nonsense in wedding: Priyanka Gandhi hits back at PM Modi's 'mangalsutra' remark

Gandhi also took aim at Modi's handling of inflation, dubbing him the "inflation man."

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Courtesy: ANI

New Delhi: Priyanka Gandhi, senior Congress leader, fired back at Prime Minister Narendra Modi's repeated jabs regarding the Congress party's purported plan for wealth redistribution, comparing his rhetoric to that of an eccentric relative at a wedding.

During an election rally in Gujarat's Valsad, Gandhi quipped, "Imagine an uncle at a wedding, spouting nonsense in a corner. One day, he claims that if the Congress comes to power, it will snatch your jewelry and give it to someone else. What would you do? You would laugh!"

Gandhi criticized Modi's attempts to sway public opinion, emphasizing the absurdity of his claims and questioning his motives. She remarked, "The prime minister is indulging in such baseless talk because he assumes that people will take him seriously due to his position."

Modi has recently shifted his focus from attacking dynastic politics and corruption to alleging that the Congress intends to implement wealth redistribution and inheritance tax policies. He has warned that the Congress would confiscate gold ornaments, including mangalsutras, from women and redistribute them.

Responding to Modi's assertions, Gandhi challenged the feasibility of such actions, stating, "He now suggests that the Congress will invade homes with X-ray machines to seize ornaments, including mangalsutras, from safes and distribute them. Is this even plausible? Is he resorting to such tactics out of desperation?"

Gandhi also took aim at Modi's handling of inflation, dubbing him the "inflation man."

During a public rally in Dharampur village, Valsad district, in support of Congress candidate Anant Patel for the ST-reserved Valsad Lok Sabha seat, Gandhi accused BJP leaders of threatening to alter the Constitution, despite Modi's denial of such claims.

Meanwhile, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi echoed similar sentiments, suggesting that Modi's apprehension might even lead him to tears on stage.