Maharashtra Budget 2024: Legislative assembly set to commence 5-day session today

Maharashtra Budget 2024: This pivotal session is anticipated to span five days, culminating with the presentation of the interim budget on February 27.

Mayank Kasyap
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Courtesy: ANI

Maharashtra Budget 2024: The State Legislative Assembly gears up to inaugurate its session today, commencing with the Legislative Council at 11 AM, followed by the Legislative Assembly at 12 PM. This pivotal session is anticipated to span five days, culminating with the presentation of the interim budget on February 27.

Maharashtra Budget 2024: Opposition's stance

The upcoming session signifies a critical juncture for opposition parties, positioning them to scrutinize the state government's policies and agendas, particularly concerning issues pertinent to farmers, the Maratha community, and various social segments.

In a notable demonstration of dissent, opposition factions abstained from a tea meeting convened by Chief Minister Eknath Shinde on Sunday, underscoring their discontent with the government's handling of farmer grievances and law enforcement challenges.

Maharashtra Budget 2024: Opposition leaders' statements

Vijay Vaddetiwar, a prominent opposition figure, rebuked the government, alleging a pattern of political malpractice and neglect. He asserted, "The government has perpetuated injustice against farmers and the Maratha community. Our regions, Vidarbha and Marathwada, remain neglected, with water scarcity unaddressed. We refuse to engage in political charades orchestrated by the government."

MVA leaders convened at the official residence of the opposition leader in Mumbai, strategizing their collective response to the government's policies. Notable attendees included Ambadas Danve, Balasaheb Thorat, Anil Deshmukh, Sunil Prabhu, Bhai Jagtap, Abu Azmi, and Jayant Patil, representing diverse political affiliations.

Maharashtra Budget 2024: Allegations by Maratha quota activist

Manoj Jarange-Patil, a vocal advocate for Maratha reservation rights, levied serious allegations against Deputy CM Devendra Fadnavis. He accused Fadnavis of orchestrating attempts on his life, alleging poisoning through saline solution during a hunger strike. Jarange-Patil claimed that Fadnavis aims to undermine Maratha influence in the state.

Maharashtra Budget 2024: Anticipated opposition agendas

The opposition is poised to challenge the government vigorously on an array of critical issues, including Maratha reservation policies, law enforcement failures, drug trafficking concerns, onion trade dynamics, resident doctor resignations, and broader governance issues affecting Maharashtra's socio-political landscape.