Meet Pranav Nair, guy with cerebral palsy who got placed in Google

Pranav Nair gets a placement in Google. Read below to find out how he persisted with his dreams despite having cerebral palsy.

Shruti Chopra
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Courtesy: LinkedIn

Pranav Nair a student of IIT Guwahati, recently earned a coveted position at Google. Nair did not let the fact that he has cerebral palsy stop him from fulfilling his dream of becoming a software engineer with the company.

In 2021 he won the title of Runner Up for the UIDAI Aadhaar Hackathon. Pranav Nair collaborated to create a Flutter app that addresses the problem of citizens' Aadhaar Card Address updates. The Government of India is now using the solution. 

Persistence is key

His journey was not easy, but he gives credit to his parents who advocated that he be given access to regular education and schools. Also, he recognizes that the institute's staff and facilities provided him with support. The schools were initially reluctant as Pranav required particular facilities and accommodations. However, his parents did not give and add their determination paid off. 

Cerebral palsy consists of a group of conditions which affect posture and movement. Damage to the brain during its development stages usually causes this condition. Nair reflected on his personal journey which involved missing out on traditional childhood experiences due to society's attitudes regarding disabilities. He did, however, succeed at public speaking.

How he chose this path?

Pranav expressed that his parents inspired him to dream limitlessly. He originally aspired to become a doctor. Over time he developed a passion for computers which inspired him to become a software developer.

He chose IIT Guwahati as he understood it would open many doors for him. Opportunities like placements, hackathons, inter-IIT activities, and involvement in numerous clubs are made available. 

His success at Google is not only a personal victory but also an example of the strength of willpower and overcoming obstacles to achieve extraordinary things. Pranav's story shows that anyone can achieve any goal and fight challenges with persistence.