Give your selfies an artistic twist with Google's new art selfie tool

Users can now transport themselves into iconic artworks with the new Art Selfie 2 feature in Google's Arts and Culture app. The AI-powered tool allows you to insert your selfie into various artistic styles and famous paintings.

Shantanu Poswal
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Google has added a new artificial intelligence-powered feature to its Arts & Culture app that allows users to insert themselves into iconic works of art.

Dubbed Art Selfie 2, the tool was announced on Wednesday and uses generative AI to seamlessly blend a user's selfie into the artistic style and scenario of their choosing. After snapping a photo, users can pick from over 25 options, ranging from ancient Egyptian pharaoh to medieval knight to mountaineer.

As the AI renders the image, facts about the selected art style, period and culture are displayed. Users can then download their masterpiece and explore more historical details by tapping "Read More."

The Art Selfie feature highlights Google's expanding integration of AI across its products, from composing emails to editing photos. More artistic styles are set to be added soon.

How to use Art Selfie 2?

Step 1: Download the Google Arts & Culture app from the Play Store.

Step 2: Open the app and go to the "Play" tab. Look for the Art Selfie 2 feature.

Step 3: Tap the Play button and allow camera access when prompted.

Step 4: Take a selfie, then select the desired artistic style to apply.

Step 5: Once the AI rendering is complete, download or share your art selfie, or create another look.

Google states the tool does not save any selfies, keeping creations private unless shared. The Art Selfie feature allows users to immerse themselves in art history in an entirely new way.