Most men flee Rajasthan village after harassment by cops, revenge burning of homes after pregnant woman’s rape, murder

The state minister issues a plea for the return of the people, assuring that innocent individuals will not face arrest by the police.

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In the aftermath of a violent incident in Rajasthan's Dausa district, where three houses were burned down following accusations of rape and murder, a significant number of men, estimated to be around 20 percent of the village population as per some residents, hastily left their homes on May 3. This exodus was spurred by fears of potential arrests in connection with the arson case.

Minister's Assurances Prompt Return

However, after three days, some villagers have started returning following assurances from Rajasthan minister Kirodi Lal Meena, a native of Dausa, that innocent individuals would not face unwarranted arrest. Minister Meena emphasised, “The culprit should be punished, but innocent people will not be troubled, so people who left should come back,” further pledging to ensure that the accused in the rape and murder case receives the death penalty for the crime.

Background of the Incident

Tensions in the village had been escalating for over a week after the gruesome discovery of a 26-year-old pregnant woman's mutilated body on April 29. The police swiftly arrested a man named Jagram Meena in connection with the case on the same day. The woman's husband had earlier reported her missing on April 28 when she failed to return after going to gather fodder for their farm. Reports indicated that she was six months pregnant at the time of her disappearance.

Violent Retaliation and Police Action

Despite the arrest of the accused, Jagram, on May 2, a mob assembled outside his residence. Finding that his family had already vacated the premises, the mob set fire to the house and subsequently targeted two more nearby houses belonging to members of Jagram's family.

Dausa Assistant Superintendent of Police, Dinesh Agarwal, noted, “The accused had been arrested, but it was the village panchayat that took matters into its own hands and burned down the houses... Around seven people in the mob suffered burns and are currently in hospital,” adding that four individuals were taken into custody regarding the arson.

Calls for Justice and Restraint

Speaking on the incident, a member of Jagram's family recounted their narrow escape from the enraged mob. While condemning the actions of the mob, she asserted that they do not support the accused. Village sarpanch Kamal Kant Meena echoed similar sentiments, emphasising the need for justice while urging restraint and expressing hope for strict legal action against the accused by the court.